iPhone to Android and Vice Versa, "My Baby Monitor" Succeeded to Cross Platforms While Keeping Your Baby Safe

"My baby monitor” app ensures complete baby safety


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- New parents are always on the lookout for the best devices they can get for their loved ones to make sure their safety is taken care of. While there is a slew of baby monitors both audio and video ones in the market, nothing can quite keep up with what the recently launched “My Baby Monitor” app by has to offer. This is a great app that works on Android iPhones', iPod and iPad. The biggest advantage of this app is that it’s a cross platform monitor; you can link it from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android or iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android.

What this unique app does is sync two devices and help parents monitor the baby’s movements both via video and audio features of the device. All one needs to have in order to make sure the app works is a Wi Fi connection. Once the connection is set up and the respective devices are synced, the app can be used to help parents monitor the baby. This is truly a modernized version of the traditional monitor which is bulky and cumbersome and does not really help those who travel a lot.

You can download the lite version for free to both phones and try it for 10 min, after the session ends you can restart for another 10 min free or pay once to make the app work forever. One payment for one device is good enough to run the app on both devices. The app also comes with other ad on features such as in built white noises such as that of a car, ultrasound etc. Using this app parents can also personalize the interface by inserting their baby’s photographs. This is an app which is very easy to run but, the value it gives in terms of function is well beyond what one pays to get it on their phones.

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