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iPhone Users Turn to for Jailbreaking Software Reviews


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- Normally, when consumers purchase an iPhone or a Tablet PC, the device is only able to run applications that are officially approved by the manufacturer. In order to run independent software, the user needs to break the barriers fixed by the manufacturer. This activity is known as jailbreaking.

Despite protests from Apple, the United States government has ruled that jailbreaking is legal providing the perpetrator does not intend to circumvent copyright. There are now various programs available to consumers who want to jailbreak iPhone 3g automatically and for that reason a website called iJailbreak3gs has been receiving a lot of visitors recently.

The site explains that although there are thousands of jailbreaking softwares available many of them are scams that can lead to serious consequences. These untested systems can lead iPhones to become bricked or in some instances vulnerable to hackers.

A spokesperson explained:

“One of the biggest benefits of using premium jailbreak software is the strength of security that is included in the process. Since security protocols have to be removed when jailbreaking an iPhone, it’s vital that these are replaced by new ones. With paid jailbreak software, new security codes are placed on the iPhone to avoid any hackers from stealing personal and private information.” reviews the various jailbreak iPhone 3gs software programs currently available on the market.

Each review features information on the simplicity of the process, how long it takes, how to pay and whether the jailbreak includes any extras such as unlocking the iPhone so it can be used on any network. The reviews also contain a link to the manufacturer’s site so readers can obtain further information about the software.

Visitors also benefit from editorial content explaining the benefits of jailbreaking as well as some of the myths surrounding the practice.

The site also contains information about different apps that are available to consumers who have performed a jailbreak on their iPhone and addresses some of the iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak truths and myths.

About is a website that provides reviews and articles about the latest jailbreak software.

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