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iPhone4sUnlocker.net Publishes Pros and Cons of Unlocking, Comments on the Legality Issues


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- In an effort to help iPhone 4s owners decide whether to unlock their phones or not, iPhone4sUnlocker.net has published the pros and cons of unlocking an iPhone. The company has also stated that it is legal to unlock an iPhone but comes with consequences. iPhone4sUnlocker.net publishes jailbreaking articles, tutorials and latest news on iPhone 4s.

The media spokesperson of iphone4sunlocker.net, Mr. Carter quoted on the latest publication, “iPhone 4s owners often face confusion on whether to unlock their phones or not. We wanted to provide as much information on unlocking as we can, and point out the advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of unlocking the iPhone is the freedom to use any service provider, something frequent travelers will require. If the iPhone has been purchased from different country or has been gifted by distant relative unlocking will again be required to connect to local service providers. The disadvantage is the loss of warranty. After unlocking Apple does not take any responsibility and will cancel all customer support services.”

The company, http://iphone4sunlocker.net, has also published the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking. On their site they have mentioned that jailbreaking is often done to download and use various apps. It is further mentioned that after jailbreaking the apps can be downloaded from anywhere and not just Apple’s App store. However, the warranty will be voided in jailbreaking as well.

Mr. Carter further quoted on the legality of unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 4s, “It is legal to unlock or jailbreak any iPhone, something that Apple disagrees with mainly because they want their customers to use Apple based software, Apps and iPhone related products. Since, Apple is completely against unlocking and jailbreaking they will terminate any warranty services. It is up to the owners to decide whether to go through the unlocking or jailbreaking process or not, but some people do not have a choice as they may require usage of other SIM cards. Either way we want to help people go through the process as safely as possible and will continue to provide the latest updates on unlocking the iPhone 3gs on our website.”

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