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iPhone5now.com Provides Latest Rumors on iPhone 5 Release Date and Features


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) --03/01/2012 -- Tech enthusiasts are keeping close tabs on the iPhone5now.com Website for new information about the release date of the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The Website distills the latest rumors and rumblings regarding the iPhone 5 release date and potential new features.

With speculation swirling around the highly anticipated release of the new Apple iPhone 5, technology enthusiasts are checking the Website iPhone5now.com for the latest rumors about the phone’s possible features and release date. Apple is rumored to release a better version of their handsets in the form of the iPhone 5 so as to keep ahead of the competition. “There are a number of differing rumors around the Internet about the new iPhone, and I created the iPhone5now.com Website to bring all of them together and hopefully provide some context to their likelihood or probability,” said the iPhone5now.com Website founder.

The Website deals with a number of the current rumors regarding the possible features of the new iPhone 5 as well as the name of the new product. From the advent of larger mobile screens in many of today’s latest Smartphones to the Apple relationship with Sony, the Website explores some of the design and feature changes based on what is known to better temper the rumors. “Apple will likely make drastic changes to the next generation iPhone to differentiate it from the previous models and its Smartphone competitors,” said the Website founder. “We take a look at the latest rumors on the potential design alterations of the iPhone 5 and several of the likely internal change and features.”

The iPhone 5 release date has also been a source of great speculation. The iPhone5now.com site discusses the rumor that the manufacturer plans to release a new version of the iPhone each year for the next several years. According to the rumor Website’s sources, the new iPhone 5 will reach the market later this year around November or perhaps October. “The iPhone 5 name is really just a place marker as the final product name is more likely to be some version of its predecessors the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S,” said the Website founder. “Either way, we will be constantly updating the Website to provide the latest information and rumors.” For more information, please visit http://www.iphone5now.com

About iPhone5now.com
The Website provides tech enthusiasts and others with the latest rumors and information about the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 5. The Website juxtaposes the latest rumors regarding iPhone 5’s potential feature and design changes with known Smartphone market information. The rumor site also concentrates on the speculations surrounding the release date for the new iPhone 5. iPhone5now.com is not affiliated with Apple or the iPhone 5.