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iPropertyNetwork Bringing Disruptive Investment Platform for Retail Investor


England, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- Another great venture taking the real estate market by storm! iProperty Network is a brilliant new concept "dedicated to moving real estate investment out of the boardroom and into the communities where properties are located."

While most of the current London Players are focusing on Residential Properties iProperty Network looks at Commercial Properties which historically have better returns than residential. They are currently the first UK based Crowdfunding platform to offer Commercial Property investments to retail investments.

Founded by group of Serial Entrepreneurs and MBA students of IE business School Jayson Sabal and Ali Ashkanani believes in the true power of the crowd and that High return asset class should be democratized and be accessible to general public. Jayson & Ali through iProperty Network shall open up the market when it comes to Commercial real estate funding, removing the traditional red tape and piles of paperwork normally associated with property investment. The team has combined 30 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience and have been involved to more than $1.2 billion combined real estate and hedge fund due diligence. Additionally, they also came from a very diverse background representing 3 Geographies(Philippines, Kuwait, Australia) with distinct experiences such as Politics, Corporate Finance and High Yield Farming.

What makes them stand out from others in the industry? Well as they state, traditionally speaking institutional investors are only able to see a balance sheet and nothing more iProperty Network now can offer access even to Retail investors with at least £1,000. The team at iProperty Network, on the other hand, truly know the neighborhoods where they build inside and out given their wealth of knowledge when it comes to all aspects of property investment.

IProperty Network has gone through several milestones including partnership with Crowdforce, the leader in bespoke software development in Real Estate Crowdfunding. Crowdforce will provide a cutting edge investment platform which will allow functionalities such as secondary market trading. In addition to that they have also worked with top legal advisors in UK that works on their regulatory approval from FCA and expects to be fully regulated by September.

Most importantly they have also attracted several accelerators including being finalists in Ignite Accelerator top 25 Teams, Startup Bootcamp Top 20 Teams, Top 19th Teams for Fintech Circle and Finalist for Founder's Institute. They have also qualified in the highly competitive accelerator in Silicon Valley- which is Founders Space and will be joining their program for August 4 -27th.

The potential returns on your investment are also significantly higher when compared to traditional investments in Stocks, Bonds, and other funds and as a result of the minimized fees associated with property investment, they truly empower you to invest directly rather than going through expensive middlemen at often extortionate prices and fee levels and democratizing an asset class traditionally only available to High Net Worth Individuals. So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

About iProperty Network
iProperty Network is the trading name of Cipherx Capital Limited which is still under review by the Financial Conduct Authority. Cipherx Capital Limited (No. 09600881) is registered in England and Wales with registered office at 46 Syon Lane Isleworth TW7 5NQ, England

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