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IRA Gold Advisor Offers Gold Backed IRA Investment Guide


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- IRA Gold Advisor offers complete guidance to its readers about gold backed IRA investments. In the recent times gold backed IRA is better than money, stocks or bonds because it has profit potential and risk-free nature. So, it is the best option for securing IRA as it has very less risk of loss. But, gold backed IRA investment may be very tricky and at times risky, so IRA Gold Advisor publishes the best guidelines to ensure that their readers' always find the correct &experienced custodian and a reliable dealer which helps them in safe gold IRA investment.

As stated by IRA Gold Advisor, "Investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum and palladium is one of the best investment decisions one can make for their retirement, especially during this period of economic uncertainty. Stocks and bonds are two of the riskiest investments as they are subjected to fluctuations due to inflation, wars, natural disasters, and several other conditions. Securing the future through a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows a person to harness the benefits of an IRA and the benefits of precious metal investments".

IRA Gold Advisor also published helpful and simplified 4-step instructions for proper and secure gold IRA investment because some people are willing to invest in gold backed IRA but unfortunately they find gold IRA investing process very complicated and difficult to comprehend. The 4-step process published by IRA Gold Advisor includes Step 1 – Opening a self-directed IRA; Step 2 –Finding one's IRA which includes funding it in 3 ways like through direct transfer, through a gold IRA rollover or through contribution; Step 3 - Selecting a storage depository; Step 4 - Purchasing gold from an approved dealer.

There is also a misconception that gold IRA investment is mighty expensive the investor has to pay fees of some kind or the other every now and then. But, this is not true and IRA Gold Advisor also has published the answer of this question in their article and according to it one has to pay only the fees of opening a gold IRA, conducting a gold transaction, maintaining gold IRA,transferring funds, and for storage of gold.

As stated by IRA Gold Advisor, "Purchasing gold with a self-directed IRA is an excellent investment opportunity but it comes at the cost of buying gold that is priced slightly higher than the gold on the commodities market. One may also be required to pay some additional charges such as purchasing transaction fees and shipping costs. Also, the custodian may charge some extra amount for holding one's assets".

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