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New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Despite the fact that the whole world is hit by economic crisis, trading seems to have not that affected by it and still finding its way to grow. Obviously, not at the pace that one has seen in the past but still the graph is ticking up, which is a good thing even in this economic crisis. Trading is one of many ways to earn foreign exchange for the country, which means more wealth and progress. However, what matters is that you need to have either buyers from other countries that could buy your product or either you are buying something from abroad, and you are willing to sell it locally. Either ways you need to find both, a buyer and a seller, which is not an easy task at all. For that, you either need to go to a country you are wishing to do trade with and find a seller or a buyer. But that was in the old times, as nowadays there are virtual markets where you can market your product, making trades a lot easier and effective than before.

So if you are looking for a buyer or seller then you should try finding them in the virtual markets that are better known as business directories or B2B portals. ‘Iraq Trade Agency’ is that one B2B portal that could help your business to grow. It offers the best business directories and trade leads from around the world. It is preferred by a number of established, renowned and professional wholesale traders, suppliers and distributors worldwide.

Iraq Trade Agency offers buying and selling leads for the wholesalers and suppliers. Interested customers just need to sign up for the B2B portal and then leave the leads and details about their products on the portal. This gives the wholesalers and suppliers a kind of free opening where they get what they are looking for. There are different things that a supplier demands, like the quantity of products that he wants to ship, and B2B portal is the best place to find the supplier that best suits your requirements.

Tons of new trade leads and business directories are added on a daily basis linking the wholesalers and dealers from all around the world. Their team works round the clock to verify all kinds of listings that are being published on the website. In order to make it easier for both buyers and sellers, leads has been categorized into ‘Buying Leads’ and ‘Selling Leads’. Also, there are separate tabs for Products, Suppliers, and Directories.

There are three different membership plans that ‘Iraq Business Directory’ offers. Gold plan costs you about $79.95, Silver plan cost you about $49.95 whereas the Bronze plan is free for a 2 month trial and after that you have to switch to either Silver or Gold. So the good thing for all the beginners is that they can start browsing for free on the B2B portal for as long as two months and if that helps their business to grow, then they can sign up for the membership.

Iraq Trade Agency membership packages allow members to interact directly with thousands of suppliers & buyers from worldwide, access their websites and check the sales offers. They are also ready to answer all your queries 24/7. Iraq Business Directory is the best B2B portal that is committed to see your business grow and believes that your progress is vital to them because when their members grow, they grow.

About Iraq Trade Agency Directory
Iraq Trade Agency Directory is the most effective web business directory of Iraq and worldwide. As an agency, their turn over is about $1.2 million a year from thousands of Iraqi and Middle East companies who needs Trade Leads from Foreign Manufacturers, exporters. Iraq Trade Agency is the Best Global B2B portal and business directory in the world. As we do our work from our head office in Sydney - Australia and our other office in Iraq.

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