IRB Approves CITrials' Sites for Roche's Schizophrenia Program on Novel Antipsychotic Medication


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2020 -- CITrials, the name setting new benchmarks in the healthcare industry, has received approval for its multiple sites from IRB for Roche Pharmaceuticals' schizophrenia program. With this approval, CITrials will now be able to test the effectiveness of novel antipsychotic medication on people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

CITrials' core value is to conduct quality research and advance medical research thus creating a better healthcare landscape for generations to come. By working with Roche, CITrials has further cemented its commitment to help people with schizophrenia get the best treatment for this disorder. Participants wishing to enroll in this clinical trial can fill out a simple form at or call 1-866-478-8391

"We are very excited to be part of Roche's schizophrenia program. More importantly, people with schizophrenia disorder should be excited with Roche's and CITrials continued commitment to help find better treatment for this condition. We believe the novel antipsychotic medication is a step in the right direction," said Ms. Debra Hoffmeyer, CEO of CITrials.

CITrials conducts both inpatient and outpatient studies for various disorders and illnesses across Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside/San Bernardino counties. It has tremendous experience in recruiting and retaining patients and for 20 years has garnered a solid reputation for producing clinical trial results accurately, quickly and within global guideline requirements.

CITrials' studies are confidential, require no insurance and provide compensation for time and travel to patients participating in these trials. The trials are aimed at helping people with disorders and illnesses lead a fuller life while advancing medical research.

About Roche Pharmaceuticals
Roche Pharmaceuticals is focused on translating excellence in science into effective medicines for patients. It combines cutting-edge research at Roche, Genentech in the US, Chugai in Japan and over 150 partners worldwide with a global scale and reaches in clinical development, manufacturing, and commercial operations. Thanks to the Pharmaceuticals Division's broad-based portfolio, Roche is one of the world's leading providers of clinically differentiated medicines.

About CITrials
Founded in 2000, CITrials conducts Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials to further the development of medications benefiting patients, communities, and physicians. CITrials specializes in trials for mental health disorders like Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Major depressive disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Tourette's, Stuttering, and ADHD for adults and adolescents. CITrials, has a great reputation for producing accurate trial results, quickly and according to global guideline requirements.

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