Joe Bragg Gains a Reputation for Their Authentic Irish Coffee Recipes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Irish coffee is perhaps the most delicious and well-liked coffee based cocktail. A delicious blend of Irish whiskey, coffee and cream, Irish coffee is a popular after-dinner treat. It is most popular in the winter, especially around Christmas time and Saint Patrick’s day. The warming effects of the whiskey and the warm coffee make it particularly suitable when it’s cold outside.

One Irish coffee website that is getting a lot of attention recently is This site is absolutely packed with Irish coffee related editorial content and recipes and is quickly gaining a reputation as the Internet’s premier Irish coffee resource.

Most people stumble upon the site because they want to know how to make the perfect Irish coffee and certainly doesn't disappoint. They have an easy to follow, step by step recipe for the original Irish coffee, as well as some interesting variations that are sure to enliven any dinner party.

Curious imbibers will also be interested to read the site’s complete history of the drink, from the drink’s Irish origins to its rise to popularity in San Francisco and throughout the world.

Irish coffee is enjoyed best when accompanied with traditional Irish foods, and the site is filled with authentic Irish culinary suggestions. These include Irish cream, delicious Irish desserts and traditional Irish meals.

A spokesperson for the site said: “An Irish coffee is the quintessential coffee based cocktail. It’s an absolutely delicious beverage. Here at, we’re Irish coffee enthusiasts. We wanted to create a website that reflects our deep love for the drink, and helps people enjoy it as much as we do. Our site will tell you everything you need to know about Irish coffee. Of course using a great Irish coffee recipe is important, and we feature both the original Irish coffee recipe, the Buena Vista Irish coffee recipe along with a few delicious variations. We’ve accompanied that with numerous articles about Irish coffee, including an in depth history of the drink, recipes for Irish cream and a many ideas for accompanying food. We think our website is the best resource on the Internet for anyone who is interested in Irish coffee, and we’re adding more related articles constantly.”

About is a website dedicated to Irish coffee, a drink made from Irish whiskey, coffee and cream. It has recipes, information, and other Irish food related articles.

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