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Iron Maiden Fan Site to Showcase a Wide Range of Iron Maiden Videos


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- is showcasing a wide range of Iron Maiden videos that come in different categories. Fans of the popular rock band will no longer have to search for different videos from various video sites since the site is dedicated to providing pure Iron Maiden videos, documentary, and shows.

The site was made by an Iron Maiden Fan who wants to find the band’s videos with ease. Through the site, other band fanatics are sure to find what they want since all of the videos are compiled in different categories. With these categories, fans of Iron Maiden are sure to watch the videos that they want from the past shows that the band had. has video categories like Iron Maiden documentaries, Iron Maiden fans, Iron Maiden in studio, Iron Maiden live, and Iron Maiden instrumental tributes. Web visitors can also find Iron Maiden interviews & TV-shows, Iron Maiden covers, Iron Maiden news, Iron Maiden full concerts and Iron Maiden cartoons. A new category will be added soon on the site that features the band members.

Aside from past videos that fans can watch from the site, it also has a dedicated section for upcoming tour dates. The site will soon enable fans to shop for Iron Maiden related products like t-shirts, posters and other merchandise and even get mp3 downloads of fans favorite Iron Maiden songs and albums, as well. With all of the features that the site can provide, there is no doubt that many Iron Maiden fans out there can rock their hearts out from the different videos that they can find in the site.

Visiting the site will give people the opportunity to watch past concerts, studio tours, TV shows and interviews that Iron Maiden had. It is also the ultimate site for avid fans of the band that rocked the worlds of millions with every concert that they make. is a site that is dedicated for Iron Maiden Fans who are always looking for recent videos that the band had performed. It is also the site where these fans can get the best quality of videos and even merchandise that are sure to complete collection of some fans in the world.

For more information about the video categories that the site provides, visit their site at . Inquiries are also welcome. Just send them an email at and look for Timi Lindeman.

Contact: Timi Lindeman