- a New Website Showing People How to Get Abs Fast


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Eric Giggs, a fitness enthusiast today announced the launch of his website to help people get rid of stubborn body fat and get abs in no time. The website reveals details related to points including how to get abs fast and best way to get a six pack among others.

Speaking on the occasion a representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our website and hope to help millions find answers related to how to lose tummy fat and abs building.” According to the sources, the site is also offering free access to an eBook by Mike Geary, a renowned personal trainer and nutritionist. The book is titled ‘Insider Secrets for a Lean Body’ is priced at $17.99 in the online marketplaces and deals with points including recommended six pack abs diet and the best exercises to burn fat.

Sources also confirmed that the program helps in understanding the exact science behind best ways to get abs, myths related to crunches and cardio, proper nutrition, how to get great abs and diet plans and over 50 secret advanced level exercises for getting abs fast. Other freebies included in the package are two eBooks titled ‘5 Foods That Kill Fat (And 2 Foods To Stop Eating)’ and ‘Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a lean Body’, free membership to a support site by Mike, personal metabolic rate calculator and five secret hard body workout routines among others.

When contacted Eric Giggs, the director of the company said, “Having tried all of the latest fads in my pursuit to get abs fast I was becoming frustrated as nothing seemed to work. It was only when I met a guy in the gym that had totally transformed his body in a short space of time that I was let into the secret on fastest way to get abs. He told me about the programme he had recently started with highly effective workouts and a complementary six pack diet that was proving to be the best way to get abs. I was sold right there and have never looked back!” “We realise times are hard and as a result we are offering all visitors to our site a free eBook valued at $17.99 so that they can make a start to get great abs. Once you start you can purchase the full program for a very small one-time outlay and watch others be amazed at how quickly you've gained a six pack.”

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IronlAbsOnline started operations in the year 2013 and offers access to methods and secrets related to losing body fat and building abs. The site also offers articles on how to get abs fast and the kind of six pack abs diet one should be practicing.

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