IRS Tax Debt Attorney - How to Negotiate Tax Debt with the IRS

It’s that time of year again -tax time! While most people receive a tax refund, others end up owing money to the IRS. Sometimes, there are complications or inaccuracies that result in an individual requiring the services of an IRS taxes attorney.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- The following will look into the reasons one might need to hire such a legal specialist, such as:

- Attorney – client privilege
- Tax negotiation
- Effective representation
- IRS criminal investigation

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Privilege of the Attorney-Client Relationship

Anything an individual says to his IRS tax debt attorney is legally held in the strictest confidence. If he states that he withheld certain important tax information when he filed his taxes, the attorney cannot tell another soul. When someone operates just on the inside of the tax law limits, the tax attorney can represent him all the better once he has that information.

Attorney Tax Negotiation Skills

Regardless of someone’s tax situation, if he is completely up front about it, an IRS taxes attorney can negotiate on his behalf , This may mean that the lawyer requests some change to the amount of taxes owed. He may be able to persuade a court to reduce tax penalties assessed on his client, or to explain to his client which tax relief options are right for him. If it comes to going to tax court, the attorney can accompany his client, which is something other tax professionals cannot do.

Specialized Legal Representation

Unlike a tax accountant or other kinds of tax professionals, an IRS tax debt attorney can stand up for his client in a court of law. Through power of attorney representation, the lawyer can represent his client at IRS conferences. He can also respond to letters sent from the IRS to his client. Any other kinds of communication or documentation the IRS sends to or requests from an attorney’s client can also be addressed and responded to by the lawyer.

One is Under IRS Investigation

The reality of the tax world is that not everyone is as honest as they should be. If one is being investigated by the IRS for some sort of criminal activity such as tax fraud (lied about income, took false deductions, claimed fake credits), one will need the expertise of an IRS taxes attorney. Should the IRS decide to place a tax levy on one’s financial holdings (bank accounts, income, vehicles, etc.) it is a wise idea to have such a specialized legal professional on one’s side.

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