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IRS Tax Refund Schedule Dates 2014


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- It is that time of year again; time to file taxes. By now, most people are receiving their W-2 documents in the mail and are starting to think about tax season. The IRS Tax filing deadline is on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Most taxpayers seek information on IRS tax refund schedule dates for 2014.

In the hectic world we live in, it can be hard to remember to file taxes since usually that is the last item on a to-do list. A website called Easy Income Tax Filing Online has multiple resources and tools for effective and credit maximization tax returns.

With Tax Filing Online taxpayers can track their refund, conduct e-filing, set up a direct deposit tax refund and much more. When filing taxes Online, people can use a variety of helpful tools to get maximum efficiency and credits. The website also offers a variety of helpful articles for those that may be new to doing their own taxes or unfamiliar with the deduction process.

One great tool is the Tax Refund Calculator, which can help users estimate how much they will be paying or how much they will be reimbursed with their calculator. If people see that their withholdings on their W-4 may be too much or too little, Easy Income Tax Filing Online also has a W-4 Withholdings Calculator so not too much or too little is taken out of a person’s paycheck.

The site also offers helpful information through articles as well. These articles discuss a variety of topics including tax return tips, top reasons to use tax software, the pitfalls of paper tax filing, and about people missing tax deductions.

Often times people are stressed when trying to figure out their taxes since the majority of people doing their taxes are not accountants. Taxpayers can save hundreds by using online tax filing and valuable time as well. By filing online, users are more likely to get biggest tax refunds, it is faster to process, there is systematic guidance, and it reduces the risk of an audit.

By doing taxes online, taxpayers submit their taxes more quickly and get refunds more quickly. There are even options to receive direct deposit so taxpayers receive refunds even more quickly. Creating and completing electronic forms for taxes is simple, quick and easy; especially when using a top-rated program. Since taxpayers will submit more quickly, they often get their refunds quickly too which benefits everyone.

For more information on completing your taxes online, visit the Easy Income Tax Filing Online website at www.EasyIncomeTaxFilingOnline.com.

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