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IRS Tax Refund Status and Schedule for 2016 Announced


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- A consulting professional on tax payments and refunds Turbo Tax 2017 reveals the new "IRS tax refund schedule." This is a professional, fast, and stress-free way to track and get an accurate tax refunds within 21 days after returns have being received.

The IRS tax refund status and schedules also make available the easy way for customers to track their packages on average of 2.42 times per shipment, thus making it easier for customers to know what's going on with their orders and refunds. The customer will now receive their refunds easier and faster with the help of "where's my refund tools." This in addition to speeding up the processes also allow the customer ensure the tax returns is accurate and get the tax refund deposited in their bank's account.

The standard requirements for tax refunds are; the taxpayers/client needs more than the tracking number which is a norm in the UPS. Other requirements are; the social security number, or EIN is required, the filing status and the refund amounts expected by the customer.

Frank Ellis also stresses TurboTax is updated according to the most current tax laws. The article provides access to a free tax calculator, to help estimate refunds, as well. An embedded video gives a step-by-step tutorial so readers can get a more in-depth understanding. The goal is to provide taxpayers with the most up to date information to make their e-filing experience as hassle-free as possible.

These helps to ensure no delay when expecting the tax refunds for the year and also saves the customer the stress of waiting on a check information.

The article contains addition information.

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