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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- In line with current efforts to restructure personal finances, has been created with the aim of educating people regarding the IRS federal tax system as well as the typical concerns of many taxpayers. By highlighting the important aspects of tax payment and IRS tax rules, the website helps US citizens become more responsible taxpayers.

Due to the recent recession that hit the country’s economy, many people were thrown into debts with the government. The many cases of taxpayers falling behind their tax returns are the living testaments to the lack of proper understanding about the whole tax collection system. As a way to make things clearer to everyone, takes a step forward to inform taxpayers about their responsibilities and the consequences that may result from disregarding the IRS policies.

Through easy-to-read yet in-depth articles, the website teaches the visitors about topics such as tax determinants and deductions, as well as the requirements for filing the correct tax returns and extensions. It also emphasizes the need to inform the IRS on any changes in the current income and the importance of accuracy when declaring the figures in the taxpayer’s form.

Aside from the informative articles on IRS policies, the website also gives pointers on how to utilize the IRS calculator. The said tool is specialized for computing tax returns and deductions accurately. explains the best uses of this tool, as well as the proper application of estimates when dealing with unknown figures. Other blog posts that can be found in the site include tips on how to carry a negotiation with the IRS regarding tax debt settlement, and the importance of keeping a copy of the IRS tax transcript.

For those who have questions regarding the IRS in the United States, the offers the answers that will surely enlighten every concerned taxpayer. To know more about tax return policies and IRS estimated tax, visit

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