Irvine Personal Trainer Partners with Estancia High School

School begins talks with renowned fitness company, plans to give High School athletes access to quality training and a crucial edge.


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Estancia High School and Innovative Results, a personal training company in Irvine, have begun talks about joining together in order to give high school students access to quality training, methodologies and an edge in competition.

Instead of relying on standard Physical Education teachers, Estancia high school have chosen to take specialists on board, in order to improve student athletes and take them to new levels.

Who are Innovate Results? A personal training company with a unique edge, full of unconventional training ideas and methods, and with a track record of achieving results their clients desire.

Aaron Guyett, who runs Innovative Results, has been speaking extensively to Estancia High School Football Coach Mike Bargas regarding chances to help with the High School's mindset, movement, and recovery, giving the team one up on their opponents in competition, as well as improving the chances for the student's scholarship opportunities.

With Estancia suffering a fair few injuries over the past few years, it’s pleasing to see a high school have such care for their students future, and plans to both decrease injuries and increase performance look extremely promising.

This is undoubtedly a landmark discussion, as rarely have a school contracted in outside professionals to help with their athletes before. However, Estancia’s intentions may very well prove to be a shrewd move, which allow their students access to new ways of thinking and doing things.

You can keep an eye out for further developments soon, as both parties plan to be almost complete before the end of this year. This could be a move that sends positive shockwaves through the high school athlete system, and we for one are very excited about what that means.

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