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Irvine Ranch Soon to Finish Historical Restoration


Pomona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- The Irvine Ranch Historic Park, which was the center of the Irvine family’s agriculture dominion, undergoes a staggering $5.8 million budget for historical renovation. The extensive restoration project began in October and is expected to be completed in the year 2015.

Irvine Ranch Historic Park was established by James Irvine in 1860. The ranch has complex buildings which created a benchmark of being the most successful farming operations. Eventually, it was evolved into Irvine Co. It is composed of several buildings including the Mess Hall, Foreman’s Row, Early Office, Bathhouse and the Agricultural Headquarters.

The whole renovation is spearheaded by Spectra Co., a well-known name in historical renovation. Ray Adamyk, the president of the Spectra Co., said in a recent interview, “Restoring a building is a balance of preserving the original structure while bringing it to today’s standards. Usually when we look at a building, we’ll look to see what the character-defining features of the building are, and what the additions were.”

When asked about the addition of the back of the two-story mess hall, he simply explained, “It really didn’t match the historic period, so that was removed.” He added, "Restoration projects should never go too far. You don’t ever want to make things completely new because you want to see some of the character of the actual building.”

The renovation process includes installing elevators to achieve a more functional building. The in-house artists intricately preserve the wallpaper mural as it has a rich historical story to tell. This also goes to the corrugated metal walls of the old bathhouse. All the relics are carefully preserved to avoid incurring damages.

Although the renovation tasks are accurately done, there is still no specific date as to when it will be completed. Adamyk said, "It’s difficult to put dates as to when rooms, appliances, and other features were tacked on throughout the life of the ranch."

The project manager of OC Parks, Marta Crane also announced, "The Irvine Ranch Historic Park is eligible to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. We are under great responsibility to make sure it’s preserved. If not listed, at least preserved.”

Spectra Co., was given the contract in September and is currently taking on other projects in Orange County. This includes the Fox Theatre locate in Fullerton and the Old Orange Country in Santa Ana. To know more about Spectra Co., visit their official website at