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Irwin Katsof Takes Pastor Sam Rodriguez Jr. and Leadership of NHCLC to Israel


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- International business leader and the Director of America's Voices in Israel, Irwin Katsof organized a successful mission to Israel led by Reverend Sam Rodriguez Jr. President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. The initiative America’s Voices in Israel is a program which has been created to provide an antidote to the distortions and misrepresentations about the Jewish state that are regularly promoted in the media. To achieve this goal, media and radio personalities, as well as prominent public figures are invited on a trip in Israel, where they partake in an exclusive mission which allows them to explore the creative, ingenious and lighter side of Israel and its people. The recent mission sponsored by America’s Voices included Dr. Gilberto Velez, Rev. Abraham Hernandez, Pastor Mario Bramnick, Eva Hernandez and Pastor Jeremiah Torres.

The week-long tour enlightened the group of prominent Hispanic Religious leaders about Israel and its people. The group toured strategic, religious, cultural and historical sites and had an opportunity to be briefed by and dialogue with academic and military experts, policy makers and other influential Israelis. After a week, it was clear that the too often “sensational news” of violence and conflict overshadows the real story of Israel: the story of a people whose spirit has helped them overcome enormous odds, who love life, live every day to the fullest and build for a brighter future

The group was briefed by Ambassador Dore Gold, Israel's former Ambassador to the U.N., General Relik Shafir & Colonel Kobi Marom. They also met with Father Gabriel Nadaf of Nazareth. CNN & Fox News named Rodriguez, “The leader of the Hispanic Evangelical movement”. At the end of the mission, Rev Rodriguez said:

"As a result of this engagement I stand committed to making the Hispanic evangelical community the preeminent pro-Israel community in the world. In addition, via our 500,000 plus churches, we stand committed to edifying a global Latino firewall against anti-Semitism, BDS and any and all policies that threaten to jeopardize the safety of the Israeli Jewish state.”

About America’s Voices
It was created to engage both traditional and “new media” mavens, high profile sports personalities and entertainers, key opinion molders, diplomats, and other influential personalities whose first-hand experiences in Israel can provide an antidote to the distortions and misrepresentations about the Jewish state that are increasingly promulgated by those who seek to delegitimize and demonize Israel

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