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Is 2014 the Year of the Collapse of the Dollar and Bankruptcy?


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Two and a half years ago FilingBankruptcyPros.Com announced the launch of a new bankruptcy FAQs section to their already high tech bankruptcy attorney referral services and bankruptcy information website. Also added shortly after was a bankruptcy news section which has the latest news and updates regarding the industry. Over the last few years they've been very busy trying to keep up with the economic news as it comes out due to the volatility of the financial situation here in the United States and globally. FilingBankruptcyPros continues to pursue the goal of being the industry leader for providing valuable bankruptcy information and the latest news online along with providing a personal service based on an individual’s needs. In today's down economy there is a new added complexity to people's financial problems, this is where they excel and are there to help. Whether it be Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt settlement, the company connects financially strapped individuals to the proper professionals that can help them find a solution to their problems during their time of financial distress. Today FBP continues to put all their effort helping people that have been severely damaged in the current prolonged recession.

FBP has made it very clear in the past that they believe filing bankruptcy should be used as a last resort and if they are able to help an individual avoid the process, they will send them in that direction. The professional staff at FilingBankruptcyPros.Com have been closely monitoring the global financial situation that has been escalating due to the conflict in the Ukraine. They believe this situation could quickly escalate into a collapse of the US dollar if either Russia or China dumps their US treasuries on the open market. In their research they uncovered a statement from the financial minister of Russia stating that if the US puts any sanctions on their country, they will retaliate by dumping all their US treasuries starting a snowball effect that the experts at FBP believe will end in the collapse of the US dollar. Consequently, Weimar Republic style hyperinflation will follow forcing many Americans into considering a bankruptcy filing to get away from their credit defaults. The FBP group believes that the US has no way out of quantitative easing without an economic collapse. The new Fed chair, Janet Yellen, continues to bang the economic recovery drum even though all the true numbers are saying the opposite. Many others are starting to believe that this is all propaganda because of this dire situation. Most experts in the market believe that quantitative easing will have to increase and more tapering is not in the future.

With Obamacare now in full operation, only 10% of Americans are signing up making FBP believe that the Affordable Health Care Act is not so affordable or it's because most Americans are broke. Added to that is the extra expense of a payroll tax and increasing interest rates on virtually unpayable credit card debt. Americans are now starting to wake up to the deception of the mainstream media as nothing that they report is coming to fruition from employment to economic recovery. The staff at FilingBankruptcyPros.Com stated they will continue to ramp up the website to handle a large number of requests for individuals needing to file bankruptcy. They are also working tirelessly to expand their bankruptcy attorney affiliate group to reach all areas of the US.As this saga continues to unravel the folks at FBP are committed to reporting the truth and looking for solutions for their customers and website visitors.

When needed, the decision to file for bankruptcy can be stressful and emotional. Having the proper support will help an individual make an educated decision during these tough financial times. These days, creditors are becoming more and more aggressive and continue to reinforce the negative stigmas about filing bankruptcy. Most of the negative information about bankruptcy is filled with partial truths. Until a person can get their questions answered truthfully by a bankruptcy attorney that's fighting in their corner, only then can they know how to proceed and make an educated choice. Creditors want debtors to believe that if they file for bankruptcy they are a failure. FilingBankruptcyPros believes the exact opposite. In fact, a bankruptcy filing allows the debtor to be put back in the driver seat and in control of their finances, while dealing with their creditors using the power of the US legal system. FilingBankruptcyPros was created to help these Americans exercise their legal rights under the bankruptcy law and stop the constant harassment by their creditors. Filing bankruptcy is available to every American and should never be eliminated as an option until it is discussed with a bankruptcy attorney.

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