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Is a Memory Foam Crib Mattress Advisable? Finds Out


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- These days, there are so many baby products on the market that parents can find it hard to pick the best ones for their children. For instance, when it comes to crib mattresses alone they have the choice of getting a mattress made with regular foam, organic materials, or memory foam. Of the three, a memory foam crib mattress is the more unconventional choice, although some parents say that the extra benefits derived from it make such a mattress worth the investment. Is a memory foam crib mattress really advisable? finds out.

To begin with, it is important to establish exactly what memory foam is. Conventional crib mattresses are made from the polyurethane foam that has been in wide use since the 50's, but memory foam is a rather newer invention. This type of foam was developed in the 1970's by NASA, and it was originally used by astronauts, not ordinary citizens. Memory foam was a substance designed to help astronauts deal with the effect of G-force upon the launch of a space shuttle, but it was not long before this type of foam was appropriated by the mattress-making industry.

The benefits of memory foam lie mostly in the way it eliminates the pressure points that can make it hard for grownups to get comfortable while they are in bed. Memory foam follows the body's shape and cradles it, providing adequate support for the sleeper's limbs. It has also said to be a big help in allowing children to develop proper posture and makes for proper spinal alignment, which according to chiropractors is essential for overall health.

Memory foam does have a few drawbacks. For one thing, it is able to "remember" the body's shape by utilizing body heat. Memory foam thus tends to retain heat and can be a lot warmer than a regular foam mattress. This may not be a problem in cold climates, but a warm mattress can make babies wake up in hot weather. A mattress made of memory foam could also be a suffocation hazard if it is not dense enough. It could also have higher levels of synthetic chemicals than ordinary foam. One way to get the benefits of memory foam minus the hazards would be for parents to buy only good quality natural memory foam that is firm and dense enough to be safe for infants. This type of foam is also created using natural oils rather than harsh chemicals.

A memory foam crib mattress is not absolutely essential and has several potential drawbacks. However, it is possible to give a baby comfort and good body support with a natural memory foam crib mattress.

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