Is Beauty Worth Dying For? Toxins Found in Popular Skincare Products

Methylparaben toxin used in most common skincare products has been found in 99% of breast cancer tumours, recent studies prove.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Despite growing media exposure, many of the most popular skincare products still have toxic ingredients that can cause effects ranging from minor skin irritations to fatal kidney damage. Movements battling for the removal of harmful chemicals in beauty products have been met with strong resistance from manufacturers and distributors with an interest in continued production.

'Parabens,' a widely used preservative in all types of skincare products, is one of the most frequently used toxins. The United Kingdom's University of Reading recently conducted research that found parabens in 99 percent of tumours in breast cancer patients, and additional research at California Pacific Medical Center concluded that the presence of methylparaben can speed the cancer's spread and interfere with treatment's effectiveness.

According to many activists, knowledge is power; educating the public and speaking out against companies who sell skincare products containing harmful chemicals will reduce sales and force them to address the issue.

St.Grape representatives paralleled the issue with tobacco companies, "It's the same campaign; they're saying there isn't any evidence and the studies are flawed, and even if it were true, it's not that bad. How many women's lives are their mediocre moisturisers worth? We're doing everything we can to show women that there are natural alternatives that work."

Green companies such as St.Grape are taking a different approach to skincare; they believe in doing their part to make women and the environment beautiful. St.Grape, for example, specialises in products that are toxin-free, all natural and have eco-friendly packaging. Women in the United Kingdom and USA are increasingly choosing to support businesses that put health and the environment over profit.  Interested folks may visit to view the full range of beauty products in the line.

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