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Is Bring the Fresh Legit? This Unbiased Review Explains the Truth


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Bring The Fresh was created by Kelly Felix, a hugely successfully Internet marketer who also goes by the name of “The Rich Jerk”. At the very inception of Bring the Fresh, there were two people involved – Kelly and his good friend, Mike Long. Since their opinions differed, they each decided to take different paths and work on their own projects, although they remain to be great friends. Mike Long is now mainly a big part of the OMG Machines, which was created by Greg Morrison, who was a top student here at BTF a few years ago.

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Bring The Fresh provides the software for building and designing one’s website, kick-starting one’s online business, and all the tools users will ever need. Kelly regularly updates the product – hence the name Bring the Fresh. In addition, he also provides tutorials/guides to building one’s business, including what people should be concentrating on NOW, how to rank high in Google, the works.

Bring the Fresh Pros and Cons
-Step-by-step PDF guides – easy to follow and implement.
-Over-the-shoulder looks at how Kelly runs his own online business.
-BTF and Kelly have been around for a number of years – they know what they’re doing.
-Positive reviews (the majority).
-Super-simple “point and click” software to design one’s site.
-An amazing, helpful, active forum.

-Other expenses – domain name and website hosting.
-All the latest tools are not included in the starter package – only the most basic ones.
-No free trial. People have to buy the $7 trial (after which the price is $89) and leave their credit card information.
-Sluggish support.

Who Is Bringing The Fresh For?
Due to its simplified, step-by-step nature, Bring the Fresh is excellent for IM newbie’s. Kelly shows users different ways they can build their website. The frequent webinars deal particularly with affiliate marketing. To be successful in this program, people have to work, but they’re provided with as much information as they need to get started.

Although they say they have a money-back guarantee for their services, People have a few doubts on whether they really will honor it, particularly since there is no free trial/membership.

The earlier stages of the PDF guides are remarkably simple, but it quickly gets rather advanced soon after. If people have never seen an up sell before, they sure will in Bring the Fresh.

But regardless – if anyone joins, they WILL learn the basics of building an online business. People can safely say that the Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide is good for beginners.

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Bring the Fresh Training and Tools:
One of the main success points of BTF are the frequent webinars that people really can learn from. However, there still is a negative – these tend to be rather long, leaving people overloaded with information.

Immediately after the signup, users will be given access to the Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide, a 50 page PDF eBook. If users are more of a visual person, users can take a look at the video version. Whenever there’s a big change in Google, or a new discovery in Internet marketing, BTF will be the first to notify users about it.

Another excellent tool is the website building software (hosting NOT included). It’s simple to use and Nob-friendly.

Additional tools also exist to leverage user’s online success. These include article creation tools, content spinners, and different types of link builders.

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Bring the Fresh Support:
One of the things many users loved is the fact that there’s a huge form for all one’s Qs and As. Almost 9,000 people login everyday – there’s never any shortage of people to help users with their questions.

There’s also a large knowledge base with FAQs (to which users can add their own questions). Top-notch stuff from Kelly.

The main support many users found was that the actual support desk is rather sluggish, with long response times. However, due to the fact that people have the knowledge base, people would almost always have solved their question before they need to ask it. Additionally, if people simply can’t find anything regarding their question, then just go over to the forum and post a new thread – or search the forum for a former thread regarding one’s question. People will get several helpful responses from different users.

Is Bring The Fresh Legit?
Conclusion: Users believe that it’s a good program for experienced marketers and newbie’s alike. The only real con is the annoying up sells, and the fact that Kelly was just a little bit misleading in his sales video. The BTF basic membership is an excellent program for beginners, as users get to learn all the important things from scratch. The advanced sections are excellent for experienced marketers as well.

Users have access to some great tools which can really speed up blogging and website building processes.

Bring the Fresh is no scam at all. People can be successful, but it will cost them time and money. The numerous up sells, though, might give it a scam appearance. But in the end, users do get a good amount of bang for their buck.

Bring the Fresh revolves around the OPTIMISATION system that Kelly Felix established to get his sites ranking at the leading of Google. That claimed, the techniques that Bring the Fresh shows aren’t specifically new. The true value you’ll get from being a Bring the Fresh participant is the online forum. Joining an area like Bring The Fresh can invaluable. The most excellent facet of the Bring the Fresh online forum though is that Kelly and Mike continue to continue to be energetic individuals and are really easily accessible.

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