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Is Immigration the Answer to Better Job Skill Matches? Garth Coates Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- A recent survey suggests that a significant issue facing British businesses is that the candidates they have available struggle to fulfil all the requirements of skilled job roles. One way of increasing the variety and possible suitability of candidates in recent years, however, has been through immigration: a key example that it can be a process and force for good. The Easyjet survey in question revealed that for companies with over 20 employees, one of the biggest issues faced is in terms of employee recruitment and retention – and therefore immigration has played an important role in allowing for greater possible suitability.

In sectors including medicine, computing and nursing, immigrants have had significant involvement over the years, providing the necessary skill-sets. In turn, there have been calls for increased positive recognition to be given to this – as a number of people who choose to locate from overseas to the UK do so because they have skilled knowledge and experience which they can apply to their advantage in the workplace.

The survey also emphasized that out of a number of EU countries, the UK had one of the highest talent mismatches between skills required and candidates suitable to fill them. This could be considered an ongoing problem, and hence why continued, well-managed immigration could be seen as important. Keen to comment on this was Garth Coates Solicitors, an expert in immigration and nationality law:

"Immigration plays an important role in stimulating the British jobs market and providing workers who are highly suited to professional roles; an aspect which deserves to be recognised. We support a number of applications for skilled work in the UK and strive to continue with a professional, productive service."

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