Is it Really Possible to Lose 1-2 Pounds a Day and Not Feel Hungry? hCG Diet Drops Are the Secret to Quick and Painless Weight Loss


Gilbert, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2011 -- With obesity at epidemic proportions, many people are eagerly looking for safe and effective ways to quickly shed excessive pounds and improve both their health and their appearance. The hCG diet, available from, has allowed hundreds of happy customers the opportunity to lose an impressive 1-2 pounds a day, all while not feeling uncomfortable hunger pangs.

The secret to the hCG diet is both fascinating and intriguing. According to the company’s website, hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a “natural hormone produced in large quantities during a woman’s pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients for a baby.” The hCG drops alert the hypothalamus—which helps control fat storage and the adrenals, among other functions—to begin breaking down body fat and to use it instead as fuel for the body.

The company’s hCG diet drops plan is broken down into four phases: phase 1 lasts just two days and is when dieters begin taking the hCG drops. Phase 2, which lasts about a month, involves eating the low calorie diet and taking hCG drops 6 out of 7 days a week. Phase 3, which is about 21 days, focuses on stabilization, and phase 4, which starts on day 57 of the diet and is maintained indefinitely, stresses keeping the weight off.

While on the hCG diet, it is recommended that people eat just 500 calories a day. While under normal circumstances this small amount of food would lead to constant hunger, the hCG drops are the key to the diet’s success. Because the hCG drops are causing the hypothalamus to release fat stored in the body, dieters’ bodies are actually getting thousands of calories every day. Thanks to this fat release, dieters do not tend to feel hungry, and as a bonus, their bodies are using up these huge quantities of calories from stored fat every day.

Most people who try them see fantastic results in the first week, which is very psychologically gratifying to dieters who like to see their weight start dropping right away. Unlike other hCG diet plans, the hCG drops do not require people to inject themselves with anything; just take the drops under the tongue—it could not be any easier. Every program purchased from comes with a Complete Diet Guide and Recipes, so dieters can help make sure their 500 calories a day are both tasty and nutritious as well as satisfying.

The hCG diet drops available from are made of the finest quality, 100 percent natural, professional grade hCG that has been made in a FDA inspected and GMP approved facility in the United States.

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