Is It the Next YO App? Ice Breakrr LLC the New Social Network App That Helps People Make New Friends While out and About

Ice Breakrr LLC is proud to announce the launch of their new app that was created for people to come together with common interests for friendship in their local area.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Social networks have helped bring new friends together and according to a new report; more people than before are using dating sites to find long lasting love. The report stated that people who meet through an online dating site will have a happier long lasting marriage than a couple who met in the traditional way. A new phone app, which has been launched, has gone one step further of a dating and social network site by providing an instant meet and greet service.

Founded in 2014, Ice Breakrr is the only mobile 1st application that helps phone users find like-minded people (known or strangers) in their location for a meaningful conversation. While sitting in a pub, restaurant, café, conferences, meet ups or even in the workplace, when wanting to talk to someone or to meet someone new, Ice Breakrr will scan the area and help find someone with the same interests and breaks the ice instantly by introducing each phone user to each other. The best part is it also provides personalized CUES based on your profile matching to strike a conversation with a stranger.

Ice Breakrr is the most advanced instant social network app on the market. Instead of a person sat in a location on their own wishing they had more friends or wanted to speak to people near them but were too shy to approach anyone, the Ice Breakrr acts as a modern go between.

When the app is switched on, it will look around the area for other people who have the ICE Breakrr switched on. Based on the profile of the user through information on Facebook, LinkedIN Twitter, etc., it will find someone who has the same interests. As mentioned earlier the best deal about the App is it not only will it help people to meet new friends, it also helps by giving cues to start a conversation.

The Ice Breakrr, which has received many positive reviews on both Google Play store and Apple store by people who have downloaded the app, has been described as the most modern social networking app. This may be the next ‘YO’ App. Download it to check its virility!

To meet new friends, download the app here

About Ice Breakrr
Founded in 2014, Ice Breakrr is the only mobile 1st application to provide not just instant list of like-minded people (known or strangers) in a professional or social gathering, but also conversation CUES based on profile matching to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation. Break the ice instantly with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Download Ice Breakrr from the App Store and Google Store

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