Is It Time for a Wheelchair?


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- When that time comes in one's life when they or a loved one needs a wheelchair, they often find that the decision of what kind to get is more complicated than first imagined. Many people will need a wheelchair or some kind of personal transportation device at one point or another, either temporarily or permanently, in order to get around. When that time comes, they will need to ask themselves a number of questions to determine what type of wheels they’ll need. has put together this quick guide to get wheelchair shoppers started on getting the right wheelchair for their needs.

Full-Time or Part-Time Use?

Most people believe that if they are ever in a wheelchair, it will be when they are older and that the wheelchair signifies a new way of life: One that doesn’t involve walking anymore. The fact is, however, that wheelchairs come up in all aspects of a person's life and so it is necessary to consider how often the wheelchair will be used. If a person still has some mobility, then they may only need a wheelchair for longer walks. A part-time user can get away with a smaller chair, something that is less imposing and perhaps easy to store, versus a person who is permanently wheelchair-bound.

Hand-Powered or Electric?

Thinking about full-time or part-time use also factors into whether to get a hand-powered or electric wheelchair. Hand-powered wheelchairs are light and easy to store. Many are even collapsible. For a person who is not in a wheelchair full-time, a hand powered wheelchair can provide some exercise. However, if a person is relegated to constant use of a wheelchair, they may need a break from using their upper body and an electric wheelchair is a better choice. Larger, electric wheelchairs are typically more comfortable, allowing a person to remain in the chair longer.

Collapsible or Fixed?

Those who are only using a wheelchair on a part-time basis to augment long walks or times when you are fatigued may be able to get away with a lightweight and collapsible wheelchair. These types of wheelchairs are easy to store and travel well in the trunk of a car or on airplanes. Perfect for vacations. However, fixed wheelchairs often offer more comfort and stability. Those who have to spend a great deal of time in a wheelchair should always opt for a non-collapsible chair.

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