Is Kelly Osbourne's Shocking Weight Loss Thanks to Crab Back-Loading


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Kelly Osbourne has been in the media quite a lot lately for her remarkable weight loss. As one of the most well-known and worldwide popular celebrities, the world has been following Osbourne as she has progressively begun losing weight. To date, she has never actually released what weight loss program she is using, or how she is managing to achieve such great results. The daughter of popular singer Ozzy Osbourne has also been hiding away – possibly to keep her weight loss well hidden away. However, recently news emerged that Osbourne could be using a weight loss program known as Carb Back-Loading. In the past, it has been believed that other celebrities have used Carb Back-Loading to help them lose weight, although no celebrities have as of yet confirmed this.

Carb Back-Loading is a new revolutionary weight loss method that has been captivating consumers all over the world. Effectively, the program allows users to carry on eating their favorite foods such as Pizza and Ice Cream while still being able to lose weight and build muscle. In fact, the program actively promotes eating unhealthy food throughout the course of the program. The general and simplified concept of the program is that users cut back on calories during the morning period, exercise during the mid-day period and eat their usual meals during the night-time. As of yet, there is no other weight loss program currently available on the market.

Kelly Osbourne has always been a fan of Pizza and Ice Cream, and this is potentially the biggest reason why media sources are now screaming that she is using the Carb Back-Loading program.

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