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Is New Novel Predicting Next Ice Age? Pre-Dystopian 'Knockdown' Hits the High Seas Among Volcanoes and Mega Tsunamis

Masterfully crafted by Brenda Beem, ‘Knockdown’ keeps readers on the edge of their seats in a pre-dystopian adventure that plays out in the rare setting of a sailboat. While the novel’s disasters and their results are of course fiction, Beem’s research has shown that the Ice Age she depicts could one day easily become a reality.


Renton, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- When Krakatoa, a volcano in Indonesia erupted years ago, mega tsunamis ravaged the seas as far as North America. Global temperatures dropped and stayed chaotic for five years. If a single volcano could cause this much damage, what would happen if most of the 130 volcanoes in the region erupted? Using this premise as inspiration, author Brenda Beem satisfies readers’ thirst for a look at this worst-case scenario with her compelling new pre-dystopian novel.

Taking place on a sailboat, ‘Knockdown’ will leave readers questioning the fate of the real world and the possibility that a new Ice Age is frighteningly plausible. However, don’t lose sleep; this is fiction…..for now.


A sail boat can tip over and come back up again. Sailors call this a knockdown. In eighteen hours a mega tsunami will hit the Pacific Coast. It will leave in its wake massive destruction and the threat of an ice age. Sixteen-year-old Toni, her brothers, and their friends race the clock as they sail Toni’s family boat far out to sea. They must get beyond where the wave crests, or the boat will be crushed. Without their parents to guide them, the reluctant crew improvises. Romances bloom and tempers flare.

There is no privacy. Cell phones won’t work. The engine breaks down. They are running out of time. Even if they survive the wave, there is nowhere in this ravaged world to go. When disaster strikes, it is up to Toni to find the strength to lead the crew when her brothers cannot.

“I have always lived close to Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.” explains Beem. “I’m fascinated by what would happen should a plate shift trigger these volcanoes. When I learned there were over a hundred volcanoes along the same fault line in Indonesia, it wasn’t hard to imagine the devastation if most or all of these volcanoes came to life.

The erupting volcanoes would cause mega tsunamis. Ash and sulfur would be held in the atmosphere and could trigger an Ice Age.

My novel allows readers to put themselves in the middle of the action as these fictional events threaten life on earth.”

Since the book’s launch, readers have raced to leave positive reviews. For example, one reader comments, “I loved this book. It’s hard to put down, and it has everything I could possibly want in a novel: lots of action, suspense with real stakes, sweet romance, and an original plot. I like stories of survival against impossible odds.”

Sandra was equally as impressed, adding, “Knockdown hooked me from the first page. A survival story, it is filled with twists and turns, and peppered with a fast-paced writing style. The author writes about what she knows--and it shows.”

Tovi found the narrative to be wholly-unique, writing, “An exciting and gripping story with fascinating character development. The suspense and travel into the world of sailing stretches the mind and carries one right along on the journey. Puts a new slant on the saying, "It's the journey, not the destination"! I can't wait to read the next book!”

‘Knockdown’, published by Evernight Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1lvOW4R.

About Brenda Beem
Brenda has always lived in the shadow of Mt. Rainer, a rumbling volcano, and the many waters of the Pacific Northwest. Her idea of heaven is a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. She now lives on Lake Washington, close to Seattle, with her husband. She loves to kayak and watch the resident eagles soar. Her sailboat, Whistler, is in a marina a short ways away. Summers are spent sailing the inland seas of Washington and Canada.