Is PEEPME a Puppet of National Security Agency?

Is the social network tracking the spending habits of users for a larger motive?


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- PEEPME a social networking app, founded by Zeki Sever, a Belgian guy is raising eyebrows as questions are being raised about the information it gathers and whether it is being used by the National Security Agency.

The social app that was launched last year allows users to connect with each other and share their spending, buying and selling habits. Users can post pictures of their purchases and also disclose the money spent on them. The mobile app allows users to sign in with either their Facebook or email accounts. Those choosing the former option need to know that it means they are allowing PEEPME to access some of their information on Facebook.

The service, which was launched in Feb 2014 gained popularity and has around 300,000 users all over the world. There are several big name celebrities like Scott Disick, Tyga and Amber Rose, who have promoted the social networking platform on other channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Clearly this rather new social networking app is gaining in popularity and is growing in numbers easy passing day.

But with that it has raised some uncomfortable questions about the founder of the app and the functioning of the platform on the whole. According to sources, besides phone records and email logs, NSA has been using social media platforms including Facebook to create maps of social connections, especially those involving American citizens. PEEPME is one of the platforms that are being used by NSA to gather this information.

The NSA of course has denied any such claims, but there are many who strongly believe that it is indeed using PEEPME to collect data and spy on targets. They are of the opinion that NSA uses Metadata to compile "Social Network Diagrams" on PEEPME, and its founder is just a puppet in their hands.

PEEPME aims to reach a million users in times to come. But there are many who are being careful about joining the app after these stories have gained ground. The social media platform also declares that the public information that is declared via viewable screens or pages is public and can be collected and used by others. Now it remains to be seen how many existing and new users are comfortable with that, and of course the role of NSA that is being talked about.

It is a social networking site that brings together individuals from all over the world as they share their spending, buying, and selling lifestyle with each other.

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