Person to Person Lending

Is Peer to Peer Lending the Future for Consumers

Is peer to peer lending really a valid alternative to traditional financial institutions? Yes, says Alan Stienhart of Person to person financial transactions have been common place since the advent of money, but Mr. Stienhart seeks to educate the public on how this type of lending can benefit the average consumer and thereby revolutionizing personal finances.


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- Since the economy crashed in 2008 many individuals have sought out unique ways to get the money they need post the Great Recession. The simple fact is, it is harder than ever to get a loan from a bank even if you have a steady job, substantial savings and a solid credit rating. Mr. Alan Stienhart has recently launched his new website,, in an attempt to educate the public at large on exactly what social lending is and how to utilize this Neo/Ancient financial institution. His new website goes into detail explaining how peer to peer lending can be profitable for investors and hassle free for borrowers by using intermediary websites such as and

In a recent online interview Mr. Stienhart stated: “There are a lot of benefits of person to person lending for both lenders and borrowers. The biggest benefit is that this option allows people who cannot get a loan from a traditional financial institution or who cannot afford to pay the high interest rates of local banks and credit unions. It’s also allows for a great way for individual lenders to make profits by diversifying their investment portfolios by including person to person investing in the mix.”

Mr. Stienhart admits that there were risks involved in the distant and recent history of this financial mechanism, but he thinks that many of the benefits outweigh the perceived risk. Mr. Stienhart also stated, “There was a risk for you as a borrower in traditional peer lending before the modern facilitators like Prosper and Lending Club, because the lender could behave unethically by coercing additional money from the borrower, or just generally making them feel uncomfortable. These problems are alleviated by using an intermediary website as outlined on my new website”.  Mr. Stienhart believes that peer to peer lending is the wave of the future for regular people who need a mortgage, a loan for home improvement, debt consolidation and even auto loans.

Visit for more information on how social lending can benefit you no matter if you are a borrower or a lender.