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Is Property in Austin Safe from Crime?

Is Austin residential and commercial property safe from crime? Local fencing expert say that with fence installation, this deterrent can reduce property crimes.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2017 -- Many Austin, Texas residents never see it coming, but 1 out of 26 people are victims of property crime and 1 in 264 are victims of a violent crime. The majority of crimes in Austin are reported as being theft, with burglary being one of the highest crimes in the city. Since many aren't prepared, they discover how to deter crimes from taking place after they've experienced the crime.

"We have calls from homeowners and commercial businesses who are concerned about safety," said Capitol Fence owner, Mike Morrow. "We install gates and fencing to provide security. In the fence industry, fence installation is known to deter property crimes."

According to Neighborhood Scout, Austin has one of the highest crime rates in America. About 90% of other cities in Texas have a lower crime rating than the property and violent crimes listed in Austin. With crime rates being so high, and rising, property owners are looking for prevention strategies.

One of the deterrents to property crimes is established by Capitol Fence with electronic gate or fence installation in Austin, Texas.

"Driveway gates establish a sense of security because they are difficult to enter for would-be burglars or vandals," said Morrow. "The wood, bamboo, or wrought iron design presents a challenge for them. In addition to having wrought iron or wood fencing around the home, fencing acts as a secure border to deter crime."

Some wrought iron and wooden fence installation in Austin can be between 6-8 feet in height and more, depending on the customization needed for the property. With wrought iron and wooden fence installation, a residential home or commercial business has an added layer of privacy, making it difficult for a burglar to scout a place for entry.

Most burglars are scouting for the easiest targets, according to the Urbach Letter. By making a home difficult to enter with a fence and electronic gate, robbers can be deterred even from day-time break-ins. They can't get close enough to see if anyone is inside the house or not.

In a recent PBS article, city officials are installing fencing around vacant lots. The result is a reduction in crime. Cities like Youngstown, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit are fixing up the vacant lots and, according to University of Pennsylvania's Urban Health Lab, have reduced gun violence by 5%.

According to Morrow, "Fence installation for commercial and residential properties in Austin, Texas adds a layer of safety for both sides in keeping people out and loved ones like children and pets in. Fencing helps to keep them from wandering into the street on accident. The installation is worth the investment and costs of a break-in and vandalism."

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