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Is This Posture Machine the Cure for Most Chronic Low Back Pain


Carpentersville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- Poor posture has always been the root cause of most chronic low back pain but no one has figured out an easy way to permanently fix posture… until now. Two independent Chicagoland Inventors have come up with a product that just may eliminate the America’s back pain problem once and for all.

90% of the US population experiences low back at some point during their lives. In fact, back pain is the second most common health problem in the world - next only to the common cold; it’s also the number one reason that Americans under 45 miss work. Considering all the advances that modern medicine has made over the last 50 years, a cure for chronic low back pain remains allusive. Why?

The inventors of the BODY-ALINE back strengthening & posture correction exercise machine believe that’s because most chronic low back pain is caused by poor posture and their not alone. Duke University’s Academy of Orthopedics states on their website: “80% of all back pain cases are due to years of poor posture.” WebMd also advocates good posture by stating: “You can increase the pressure on your back by 50% simply by leaning over the sink incorrectly to brush your teeth. Keeping the right amount of curvature in the back takes pressure off the nerves and will reduce back pain.” There is not doubt that poor posture is a major contributor, if not the primary root cause of most back pain, which begs this question: If poor posture is the proven root cause of most chronic low back pain, then why isn’t there a cure for chronic low back pain yet?

The inventors of the BODY-ALINE believe that’s because no one has figured out a quick and easy way to correct poor posture, until now. The BODY-ALINE is an at-home back strengthening & posture correction exercise machine that strengthens back muscles and improves poor posture for anyone 12 years and older. BODY-ALINE co-inventor Jason Bowman states, “Before the BODY-ALINE came along, the only option people had for truly correcting their posture by permanently rebalancing their posture muscles were the posture correction exercise routines offered in books & video. Although these routines correct the muscles imbalances that cause poor posture, they can often times be complicated and time consuming. So people do them for awhile, then fall off.”

However, the BODY-ALINE back & posture exercise machine presents the fastest & most convenient method of posture correction on the market, compared to the exercise routines offered in books & video, because, all you do, is have a seat, hold the grips, lean back & rotate your arms against band & spring tension. This simple exercise motion retrains chest, arm & shoulder muscles to go in the exact opposite direction of poor posture (mirror image muscles rehabilitation), which realigns all major postural muscles in under 2 minutes/day. The effect of the BODY-ALINE posture rehabilitating exercise motion is so dramatic that 90% of first time users literally stand up taller directly out of the machine!

The other BODY-ALINE co-inventor, Robert Gearhart, speaks to this, “What makes our product unique versus almost all other health & wellness products is that the patient gets immediate feedback & gratification because they can, quite literally, feel the BODY-ALINE working the very first time they use it AND every time after that. There just aren’t that many non-pharmaceutical health, fitness or wellness products that can make that claim.”

For those who suspect poor posture is to blame for their chronic low back pain, the BODY-ALINE presents a highly effective and easy-to-use solution that can be done by anyone (12 years and up) in under 2 minutes/day. If the inventors of the BODY-ALINE are right, over the next decade or so, there could be a staggering decline in the numbers of chronic low back pain cases thanks to the BODY-ALINE.

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