Is This the End for Tommy John Surgery, It Is in Texas, with More States to Follow

Dallas Clinic Eliminates Need For Tommy John Surgery in 95% of All Cases. Is Tommy John Surgery About To Become Extinct? You Can Avoid Tommy John Surgery


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab ( has been making waves in the sports medical community ever since they began successfully treating Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) and torn labrum injuries and in the process not only saving players seasons, but in some cases their careers. Most surprising to the players, coaches and parents, however, has been the rapid pace at which these results have occurred, allowing players to get back on the field in 12-14 days fully recovered and pain free, as opposed to 6-8+ months with other therapy programs, and still not fully healed. These incredible results and accelerated pace of recovery have opened many eyes, drawn praise from parents, coaches and players alike but has also initiated skepticism in others at first. One such skeptic was Lynn University head baseball coach, Rudy Garbalosa, (2009 NCAA DII Champion, and All Time Winningest Baseball Coach in Lynn’s history). Upon hearing about the technology and Dallas Peak Performance’s (DPP) success, he invited DPP’s Managing Director Mark McClure to the team’s facilities to demo the protocols on one of their pitchers suffering from UCL issues.

“The pitcher had been having elbow pain throughout the season and was clearly inflamed. Rest, stim, nothing worked. Prior to the treatment he had a pain level of 7 when he did a throwing motion. At the end of the session, his pain was zero. Nothing. He immediately went into the program and is now pain free, injury free and the elbow issue that he had for a year is gone. Completely. This is the real deal. If you’re a pitcher with elbow, shoulder and overall arm issues, you need to check this out first. We were so impressed by the results we are using this on our entire pitching staff. This is a game changer for baseball”, Garbalosa stated.

Like Garbalosa, Dr. Jason Bongi of Atlanta Spine and Sport was also a skeptic, having been a sports chiropractic physician for many pro athletes throughout North America as well as work with the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres on a team level.

“When I heard the results Dallas Peak Performance was getting for their baseball clientele, I mean literally taking pitchers slated to be out months or even a season due to UCL issues and torn labrums, and then getting them back in under 3 weeks stronger than they were before the injury, I was skeptical. Mark McClure came to Atlanta and demonstrated on a patient with severe elbow pain, a level 10 when he started. At the end of the treatment the patient was at a pain level of zero, and subsequently went into the program. That patient is now pain free and symptom free for the first time in 5 years. The ARP Wave and Dallas Peak Performance’s Tommy John elimination program is one of kind. Stim, Ultrasound, Laser and the rest cannot hold a candle to this technology. And from a UCL pain elimination standpoint? Not even close”, Bongi ended.

The testimonials from the players themselves are pretty strong also. Ty Sullivan, former collegiate pitcher and now expert pitching instructor with The ARMory, one of Florida’s premiere pitching academies, made this statement in a recent video interview;

“We did a baseline test on the radar gun and I got to 78 MPH with medial elbow pain I had been struggling with for 2 and half years now. Being a skeptic and scientist myself along with my father we did one session. And after that one session I was able to get up to 89MPH on the radar gun, with no pain and never dropped below 85MPH. That’s close a 12MPH increase in under 15 minutes,” Sullivan stated. Sullivan went into the ARP Wave program and by 20 sessions was pain free, hitting 90MPH consistently and the UCL issue eliminated.

So is Tommy John surgery an “epidemic” that can be eliminated?

The American Sports Medicine Institute has stated that Tommy John Surgery has increased 20% each and every year from 2004-2011, and that number has continued to climb ever since. So if Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab is the answer to this epidemic, why isn’t every team, player, parent and coach in America rushing to them? The results are clearly there, what’s holding back the masses?

“Ignorance and old school thinking is what is holding them back. Rest, ice, compression and elevation, or what is referred to as RICE in the sports medicine field does not work for UCL issues, labrum issues or any issue for that matter. Never has and never will. What people need to realize is where you feel pain or are injured is not where it is coming from, ever. Somewhere a muscle or muscles are not absorbing force like they were meant to do and this arises from a neurological disconnect. OK, so what’s that mean? It means that the signal being sent by the brain for that muscle to turn on fast enough to absorb force and create force is not getting through, and this is due to sodium potassium leakage and where there is sodium potassium leakage there is scar tissue and absolutely zero neurological communication. When this occurs that force is then sent to areas of the body not meant to absorb force, hence causing damage to the ulnar collateral ligament. Until the muscles meant to absorb this force are treated, all the Tommy John surgeries in the world will not fix the problem because that force will STILL be sent to the ulnar collateral ligament. Sure, they now have a new ligament and the surgeon did his job to perfection, but the shocks still are not working, the force is still going to the UCL and only a matter of time until the problem arises again. Strength training, rest, corrective exercises are useless until the origin of what is causing the problem is fixed. With the ARP Wave system and proprietary protocols developed by Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder, we are able to pinpoint this neurological disconnect, treat it, turn the muscle back on so to speak so it is now absorbing and creating force, transfer the force away from the ligament to the muscle and in the process vastly accelerate healing. To the point our players are back in 21 days or less as opposed to 6+ months. Thus the reason for our success in eliminating the need for Tommy John Surgery in 95% of the cases that we see”, Dallas Peak Performance, Managing Partner Mark McClure stated.

While DPP has become the “go to” facility for eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery, with players flying in from all over the country to be treated by head therapist and ARP Wave expert Paula Wallem, the clinic has seen their business explode by treating a lot of the players remotely as well.

“Not everyone can fly in and be treated by us at our facility. Most are at college or it’s during the season and they can’t get away long enough for the 20 sessions needed, which is the case for our minor leaguers and Major Leaguers. So we simply ship out the ARP Wave device and treat them via Skype or FaceTime with our 30 Day “In Home” Program. This has worked extremely well. Not only do we treat them and neurologically strengthen them back to a level they probably haven’t been at in 5 plus years. But they also get to sleep with the ARP Wave system, reinforcing everything we do and continuing to supply blood flow to the UCL region and in our shoulder patients, the labrum region, accelerating the rehab process even further. It’s been amazing to see a player start the first session at a pain level of 7 to 10 with only 5 pitches or so, and by session 5 they are throwing at full velocity and by the 20th session they are pain free, symptom free and in most cases throwing harder than they ever have,” Paula Wallem stated.

So what has been the long term success with Dallas Peak Performance’s “Tommy John Surgery Elimination” program? FOX 4 DALLAS NEWS sports reporter, Edward Egros, did a story recently on Tommy John Surgery and Dallas Peak Performance's success in eliminating it, and caught up with former Denton Ryan, Texas pitcher Sam Watson for an interview..Watson was scheduled for Tommy John surgery in 2012 but came to Dallas Peak Performance beforehand to see if he could avoid it all together.

“Prior to the first session, she (Paula Wallem) made me do some exercises that really hurt so we could see a “before and after”. At the end of this initial session there was no pain whatsoever. After 10 sessions I was pain free. She saved my career for sure!”

Watson went into the full 20 session program almost 2 years ago, got back a clean MRI and is still pain free, throwing maximum velocity and is as strong if not stronger than before the injury. Watson is now pitching for Western OK State.

Could this be the end of Tommy John surgery, as Dallas Peak Performance and ARP Wave pave the way for a new, proven way to eliminate UCL pain and injury?

“Not the end per se, but certainly a huge reduction. Look, sometimes surgery is absolutely warranted, especially if the ligament is cut in half or off the bone. No amount of what we do or what anyone else does will fix that. Plain and simple. However, if it’s a partial tear or extreme inflammation we can reverse that symptom at an accelerated pace and when we are done, the result is permanent. Period.” McClure ended.

Due to the rapid rise of DPP’s Tommy John Surgery elimination program in Texas, they have decided to expand into Florida at the end of November, opening clinics in Boca Raton and Miami respectively, with California to follow. They intend on establishing 50 or more clinics in the next 24 months than expand nationally from there.

So, is Tommy John surgery on the endangered species list? Only time will tell. With a track record of over 600 NFL Players and more than 2,000 of the world’s most elite professional athletes trusting their multi-million careers to this patented system of rehab, it’s a very, very strong possibility.

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