Is Ventriloquism on Its Way Out?


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- In 2006 Jeff Dunham broke out into National stardom with his Comedy Central special Arguing with Myself. Soon after, Ventriloquist Terry Fator made headlines by winning NBC's America's Got Talent. Shortly thereafter, Terry Fator landed a five-year contract with The Mirage Hotel & Casino worth a reported $100 million.

In 2009, Ventriloquist Taylor Mason said, "There has never been a bigger demand for ventriloquism in history. It is so incredible hot right now." Prior to 2006, ventriloquism was virtually non-existent in the public eye.

But where is it now? Are people tired of it? There certainly isn't the feeding frenzy for Jeff Dunham's products that there used to be. Yes, he's still earning millions annually with his tours and merchandise sales; however, the "newness" of it has certainly worn off.

Justin Ver Burg, a Ventriloquist and Song Parodist out of Los Angeles says, "I believe the demand continues to remain strong. In HBO’s Talking Funny, Comedian Chris Rock said that the comedy industry is ‘as strong as you are.’ I think he nailed it on the head.”

Jeff Dunham continues to tour internationally. Terry Fator was ranked number two on Forbes' list of highest paid comedians, just behind Jerry Seinfeld. Justin Ver Burg is launching his first national theater tour.

For now, it looks like ventriloquism is here to stay. If Chris Rock is right, it’ll be around as long as the ventriloquists are offering what the audiences want.

About Justin Ver Burg
Justin Ver Burg (a.k.a. FunnyDummy) has been asked by the Late Show with David Letterman to come to NY, appeared on NBC numerous times, and entertained at the Winter Olympic Games. He got his start as a Comedian/Ventriloquist/Song Parodist when classmates discovered he naturally spoke without moving his lips. He saw ventriloquism as a natural fit. His proposed forty-seven city tour, "Three Entertainers For the Price of One: Only One Has To Eat," starts August 29, 2014 at Hermosa Beach Community Theatre in Los Angeles. Most tickets are $45, while some VIP seats are $85. They can be purchased at