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Is Venus Factor the Best Weight Loss Program for Women: Amazing Body Results Review


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2014 -- Is anyone struggling to lose weight? Have anyone ever tried a fat loss program designed for women only? The Venus Factor is a revolutionary fitness program that increases female metabolism and tones their muscles. It’s one of the few workout plans that cater to women. This body transformation program involves a series of weight lifting and strength exercises. It doesn’t require expensive gym equipment or dietary supplements. Health experts claim that The Venus Factor is one of the best fat burning plans for women. This workout program comes with an eating guide that will boost female’s weight loss efforts and help her get in shape fast.

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According to this program, all foods have their place in a weight loss program. There are no “good foods” or “bad foods.” Women can maintain up to 30 percent body fat and still have perfect feminine shape. If any female search for The Venus Factor honest reviews online, she will be surprised to find out how different this program is.

A typical workout routine includes simple yet effective exercises such as push-ups, planks, lunges, squats, dumbbell rows, and dips. Most women don’t do these exercises at the gym, which is a huge mistake. If any lady wants a great body with perfect shapes, she must do squats, pushups, bicep curls, lateral raises and more.

This 12-week exercise plan will shape her body and help her get fit. Once she sign up, she will receive access to the Venus community and the Venus Index Podcast. The program also includes software that calculates her calorie and protein requirements based on her weight loss goals.

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-A 12-week exercise plan designed for women
-A weight loss guide
-Free access to a private online community
-No expensive gym equipment needed
-No calorie counting
-Exercises for all skill levels
-Videos and pictures for each exercise
-Permanent fat loss from your hips, butt, and abs
-Increased metabolic rate
-No food cravings

Millions of women are searching for The Venus Factor honest review online. This fat loss program enjoys tremendous popularity worldwide. Not only it targets female problem areas such as female’s thighs and legs, but also boosts her metabolic rate and helps her burn more calories.

The exercises are simple and require no special tools. Any woman can follow this plan and shed extra pounds. There are videos and detailed instructions for each exercise. Every lady also gets a free diet and weight loss book that will guide her through her journey.

Venus Factor is an effective weight loss program especially designed for women by John Barban who is a known and qualified nutritionist and biologist himself.

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