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Is Video the Way to Go?


Bath, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Reports highlight the ever-increasing use of video as a form of popular media, as investors place rising amounts of capital in video sites. This is particularly reflected in the form of YouTube, which has seen an increase in advertisers of over 40% in the last year alone, according to Google. This accentuates video as a profitable area – whether it is in the form of building a quality video itself, advertising a product and service, or increasing brand awareness.

In turn, the popularity of video seems to be transferred into technique – regarding practical business conduct. With YouTube especially reaching more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable channel, this emphasizes that by having a video and having it online, products can be showcased to substantial audiences. An especial area this benefits is food manufacture and production. This is because effective video can accentuate the aesthetic values of food, which means it is an ideal way to advertise. For example, a rolling film not only captures a variety of perspectives of a food product, but can explore the cooking process. This is especially important in a culture where cooking from fresh ingredients and appreciating the technique involved is praised.

A prime example of a company passionate about the power of video, especially in regards to food, is Visual Arena. They are not only food videography Bath specialists, but also have offices in London, regularly working with high profile clients to obtain stunning shots of food. A spokesperson was highly positive regarding the publicity of video as a modern form of appeal and had this to say:

"Video is an effective, convenient way to communicate – and it is great that more people are recognizing the potential. If you work with food for example, a video of your creations – easily uploaded to social media – can have a significant effect and boost your identity. That is why we offer a professional videography service, whatever your project."


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