IsALifestyle Global Launches Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

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Kissimmee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2016 -- IsALifestyle Global is a reputable entity that manufactures kitchen products and its latest product, the Instant Read Cooking Thermometer has been launched recently on Amazon. It is believed to be a handy tool that allows users to check if their food is cooked perfectly without cutting the same. This avoids any puncture marks and the food appears good as well.

It is important to produce food that is cooked well. Be it a barbecue picnic with family or a party, there are several cooks who wish to use kitchen products in their cooking. A meat thermometer is one such tool that is popular. The one that has been launched recently is believed to be effective on a number of cooking styles. From meat to soups and deep frying, thus kitchen thermometer is quite adept in displaying the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The product is said to have a convenient LCD display and has a feature that allows is to switch off when not in use. This saves battery and hence, ensures that the tool runs for a longer time. Undercooked or overcooked meat and other food items can be embarrassing and sometimes, the latter leads to health problems as well. Therefore, this meat thermometer is an ideal companion for all kitchens. It comes with a detailed instructions manual and has gained the interest of a large number of cooks.

The website says, "This is a versatile product that can be used whilst grilling, frying, barbecuing, skewing, roasting and baking. The Instant Read Cooking Thermometer has been designed such that it can be used anywhere without any hassles. There is no better way to determine whether you are serving cooked food to your family and friends than relying on this product. It is an affordable solution that ensures that the food id tasty and healthy at all times."

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Anyone who interested can purchase this grill thermometer at a limited time offer at $9.97 (normal selling price is $14.97). Simply key-in promo code: 4BR44TOI during checkout. These are believed to make good gift ideas. There is a 100% money back guarantee should the customers be dissatisfied with the product. The manufacturer is also believed to be offering a lifetime guarantee.

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