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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- The technology world is growing at a rapid pace, and no company seems to understand that better than Apple. From the iPad to the iPhone, Apple has designed a wide range of popular products that appeal to consumers around the world. One of the company’s products, Apple TV, has changed the way consumer’s stream TV shows and movies.

One website wants to help users decide whether Apple TV lives up to all its promises. At, visitors will find a detailed review and the latest news about Apple TV and a plethora of quality editorial content about the product. The main feature of the website is an Apple TV review, which describes the pros and cons of using Apple TV.

The review concludes by saying that, at a price of $99, Apple TV can “easily be afforded by anyone who wants to enjoy good quality videos.” Another advantage of using Apple TV, the review states, is that it can be used from anywhere.

A spokesperson for explained what the website hopes to accomplish:

"The primary goal of our website is to inform visitors on what they can expect while using Apple TV. We’ve reviewed the device in detail, and we explain what new upgrade versions mean for consumers. Put simply, we want our visitors to be able to make an educated decision on their next purchase – and whether they buy Apple TV or not, we’ve given them everything they need to make that decision.”

In addition to the Apple TV review, the website features a comparison between Apple TV and Netflix, both of which offer similar services. Apple TV actually features Netflix compatibility, something that may seem surprising for those who feel that the two services compete against one another. The comparison between the two services concludes by stating that Netflix offers more affordable pricing, but Apple TV features a wider selection of new TV shows and movies.

Apple TV has been out for several years now, but like every product in Apple’s line-up, Apple TV is upgraded on a regular basis. As such, keeps users updated on any recent upgrades that have been made to the device. From firmware upgrades to completely new models, the blog is updated on a regular basis to ensure visitors have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Whether ready to purchase Apple TV or interested in learning more about Apple’s video streaming box, seeks to provide users with the information they need. From Netflix and Apple TV comparisons to the latest news about Apple TV updates, is there to help.

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