iScripts Releases iScripts MultiCart Enterprise

Today released iScripts MultiCart Enterprise, the multi-store ecommerce platform.


Schaumburg, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- Today released iScripts MultiCart Enterprise , the multi-store ecommerce platform. The software is a complete ecommerce and logistics engine that allows site administrators to service a complete vertical market with independent storefronts, vendors, fulfillment agencies, warehouses, resellers all working together to promote products from a single database. Customers that install iScripts MultiCart Enterprise on a server can customize the site according to their brand in order to create an instant distributed supply chain and ecommerce platform.

The software supports vendor, store, affiliate and reseller panels that allow third parties to sell and work independently to sell their own products, the site administrator’s products and or each other's products. This is ideal for multi-level marketing companies, medium to large businesses distributing products via representatives and consultants or ecommerce site owners looking for a more scalable solution.

The new iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is similar to the original iScripts MultiCart, but expands on features and functionality, making ecommerce application similar to, and includes unlimited products, sites and vendors. This software clone incorporates the business model initiated by marketplaces like Shopster.

A key feature of iScripts MultiCart Enterprise includes the ability to market to various targets. The software allows individual stores to have independent themes and product descriptions, making it easy to list a single product to numerous markets. Each store has its own blog and coupon code functionality, giving freedom to vendors and sellers connected to the ecommerce platform. For a complete list of features, visit

“When developing iScripts MultiCart Enterprise, our customers were in the forefront. Many ecommerce site owners want to offer vendors more freedom and options. We developed the software so that it would include a toolset required for wholesale distributors and drop shippers to own their vertical market with number of storefronts, vendors, resellers, logistics partners and drop shippers.

It is equipped with an integrated affiliate program, systematic order fulfillment, and coupon code and content management for each store belonging to the main site. Typical platforms and shopping carts only supply features that are vital for basic ecommerce business. iScripts MultiCart Enterprise goes beyond the fundamentals to incorporate features that are significant for site owners with a large product base wishing to expand and stimulate growth. The software translates to a groundbreaking ecommerce solution, ” said Jon Skulemowski, Sales Director of

iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is also distributed with full source code, enabling users to customize and adapt the software any time in the future as needed. This core component of iScripts’ products is uncommon in the industry. iScripts requires a one-time fee and gives customers the option to select and change their own hosting provider. Since all products are open source, customers also have the ability to move, scale and edit their website at any point in the future.

In addition to iScripts MultiCart Enterprise, offers a variety of other open source web scripts. Products include iScripts MultiCart (basic multi-vendor shopping cart software), iScripts SocialWare (social networking software), iScripts AutoHoster (web hosting script), iScripts EasyCreate (online website builder software), iScripts ReserveLogic (hotel registration), and iScripts GoStores (online store builder software).

iScripts develops and markets online business software for service providers and entrepreneurs. The company’s turnkey web software includes solutions for social networking, web hosting management, site builders, store builders, online data backups, marketplace and shopping cart software, and more. All the software products are distributed with full source code and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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