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ISE Partners Emphasizes Importance of Executive Assistants


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- London’s leading recruitment agency for Executive Assistants has emphasize the importance of administrative staff, amid substantial cuts to many organisations support structures.

“In the aftermath of the economic crisis, many companies who reduced levels of administrative support are now realising they need to increase this support as businesses return to stronger growth,” explained Isobel Burns, Managing Director of ISE Partners. “In tough times, it can seem that administrative services represent the easiest place to make cuts. However, as business begins to pick up, administrative support is one of the first areas that feels the impact of previous cuts. As a result companies realise they need to rebuild their administrative support teams and fast.

Advocates for the value of executive assistants emphasize the numbers that explain their value. For example, if an executive is paid £250,000 annually and his/her personal assistant has a salary of £30,000, to make the investment worthwhile he/she must make the executive and team 6% more productive. In purely practical terms, executive assistants take responsibility for arranging meetings, filtering emails, booking hotels and transport, managing schedules, plus prioritising work for their bosses.

Many professionals believe that such administrative tasks can be relatively quickly accomplished, but experts in the field highlight that, particularly in the context of high executive salaries, the loss of time can be substantial.

Ms Burns continued:

“As well as the time that Executive Assistants save their managers we must remember the energy that can be conserved as a result of their efforts. Our aim is to create ideal matches between highly accomplished assistants and top-level executives. We can guarantee that our EAs will go the extra mile, ensuring that the executive has no practical concerns and can dedicate his or her energy solely to the content of their work.

“For example, if an executive is traveling, a PA whom we have placed will have considered every eventuality. From providing the license plate of the airport pick-up car and a snapshot of the driver, to planning a backup transport option in case delays occur, they can ensure that every step of the journey runs entirely smoothly. As a result, the executive arrives at the meeting fresh, calm and ready to achieve.

“It’s true that with the advent of technology many tasks can be more easily accomplished than in the past. However, Evernote and other smartphone apps will never replace human beings, who can adapt to any situation.”

ISE Partners deals with over 1000 Personal Assistants every year and many whom go on to provide administrative support to Europe’s leading companies. The company specialises in developing a strong understanding of both parties and only creating truly effective and compatible partnerships.

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ISE Partners are London’s leading PA and EA recruitment agency. ISE provide both permanent and temporary assistants to the banking and financial sector. They have a wealth of experience providing high level assistants within time frames and budgets.

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