iSend2 Launches the World's Best File Sharing and Media Streamer


Zervex, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Will become the next MegaUpload and bring the file-sharing world by storm? Possibly. is a free file-sharing and media streamer site that does not require a registration for users to start sharing their files. You can however choose to register without invitation from other members and can upload and download files after a confirmation. Registered users will enjoy managing their files in folders they can create. This is not a torrent site, they will only cater to direct downloads. It’s all in the legalities; terms & conditions and FAQ’s page.

Share, store and manage all types of files ranging from music files to documents to large image files. There is a restriction, however. Only a maximum of 20 mb may be uploaded and downloaded at the moment for new and free users with a 7 day file maintenance period after which files from free users will be deleted. Despite the limitation, will accept any type of file to be saved into its archived and the size of file restriction will be stretched from 20 mb to 300 mb when you will sign up for the premium account. Premium account holders will also enjoy storing their files on the site forever as long as they maintain their premium account. Access to files and folders can be password-protected by users.

Managing files is made simple and storing them is easy, the homepage is made with a lay-out with simplicity and all the necessary links are added. Colors are also coordinated for those who have problems with color-blindness; links will not blend in the background no matter what type of color-blindness one is afflicted with. The site is uncluttered with advertisements and will not hinder roaming eyes from seeing the links one needs to click.

When says you can upload any files, it means just about anything. One can upload movies, songs, attachments, documents of all formats, compressed files like rar and zip. also streams any media like the aforementioned movies and songs very much like YouTube. There is also a service called Remote URL Upload where you can choose to upload files that isn’t saved in your computer but in a different website or download link on the internet. Downloads are guaranteed to be fast and reliable, being directly downloaded from the main servers, unlike torrents where one has to wait until there are seeds to cater to the file-sharing.

If confused on how to upload or download or how to generally use the site to its full advantage, there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link as well as free demos available. Options are available for rewards and more discounted pricing if one refers to family and friends to register in.

Many file-sharing websites have been shot down due to the infamous Copyright Laws and it will be a bane of existence for those who cater to those needs. There is security in non-torrent sites, however. But if you are hesitant in the security of your files or if you have any questions that are not found in the FAQ’s page, you are free to send the site administrators an email on the Contact Us link.

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Zervex, Singapore