iShieldApp Announces Upcoming App to Help Users Live Fear Free

iShield has announced the launch of their innovative security device. The product serves as a tracking device for youngsters of all ages.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- iShield is pleased to announce that it will be releasing the Android App version of the mobile product on 15-Sept-2014. The iPhone App will be released on 29 September and the Web Portal is planned for 13 October. The app is intended to add a layer of security for those who want to be able to live a life free of fear for one's safety.

There are a number of helpful features associated with the app, making it particularly useful for students who need to travel back and forth to college or university, friends' locations or to run errands. The device can be set to track a student or other individual from one location to another. Individuals who want to have an excuse to leave an uncomfortable or too lengthy meeting can program the device to send a fake call. The app features a signal known as the Geofence, which warns guardians of movement outside of a selected area.

According to the developers, “We are helping to enable individuals to live free of fear. Help is immediately available in situations that are dangerous or frightening. It only takes a single tap to let someone know that help is needed.”

Students who travel to class, whether on foot or by public transportation are assured of a safer environment. It's almost like having a protective bubble, or fence around the holder of the app. The Geofence feature is great for parents who want to know within a general range where their child is.

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