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Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- KAOS, the evil portal master has unleashed a new plan to take over Skylands. With the new threat approaching it is up to the Skylanders to once again to defeat KAOS and save Skylands. In the sequel to the original Skylanders game “Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure”, the Giants have joined forces with the Skylanders to bring KAOS and his minions down in the new epic game “Skylanders: Giants”. This popular game has breathed new life to action figures by combining action toys with a video game, allowing kids of all ages hours of endless fun and excitement. The new Giants are super-sized and have super-sized powers in an all new story, new puzzles and new discoveries. A major part of the game play are the Skylander toys, these toys are placed on the Portal of Power which allows the character to appear on the screen. Each toy represents a different character with different back stories and super powers, making the game much more interesting.

Due to the popularity of the game it is sometimes difficult to find the toys. is a website that brings fans of the Skylanders game, the ease and convenience of finding the action toys all available at one place that can be purchased online from the convenience of their own homes. The owners of the are fellow Skylanders fans. They work relentlessly to bring gamers an easy to navigate, 100% safe & secure, fully stocked on-line store which includes some of the rare and hard to find figuressuch as the rare Tree Rex Gnarly. The web store holds the most complete selection of the hottest Skylanders online. Buying Skylanders action figures from is completely safe and secure as the website is owned by people who have been in online web store business for over 10 years. The website provides fast and friendly same day shipping. The great thing about getting new Skylanders characters is that it broadens the gaming experience due to uniqueness of each character, for e.g. SkyLander Giants Shroombroom figure. Born in a pizza topping garden belonging to KAOS. He knew that he will soon be eaten. He flung his fellow fungi over the wall to freedom. After trekking to the edge of the island, he jumped off the edge only to become a member of the Skylanders and continue his brave deeds.

The Skylanders game teaches kids positive messages such as the importance of doing the right things, saving money to buy upgrades and making good decisions.

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