iSkysoft Makes Converting YouTube Videos to MP3 Easy

Detailed steps for conversion


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- As in the case of many other fields, there is constant evolution in the entertainment industry also. Especially, the synergy between the Internet and this industry has been producing a dynamic effect and has been strengthening the process of the evolution that is taking place in the industry. So, it is not surprising to note the popularity of YouTube that has achieved the feat of becoming the biggest site in the world for sharing videos. Especially, the music industry has phenomenally metamorphosed, thanks to various developments including the growth of YouTube. Music videos are available in great numbers on YouTube. According to iSkysoft, it is possible to achieve MP3 files from YouTube, so that people can enjoy these videos from anywhere. They just need to have the YouTube downloader as well as the converter. iSkysoft says that few clicks are enough for converting YouTube to MP3 if people use the YouTube Downloader for Mac application provided by iSkysoft. It is possible to convert FLV files to MP3 format on Mac and this is supported by Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

iSkysoft confirms that with the help of iTube Studio for Mac, it is easy to detect YouTube videos for downloading them. After that, conversion of these downloaded videos to MP3 is quite easy. If users have Windows PCs, they should download iTube Studio specifically available for Windows.

iSkysoft gives the step-by-step instructions to convert youtube to mp3 mac. The first step as instructed by them is to visit and once the videos are detected, the download button will appear on the left corner at the top. The download wizard will start working if users click on the download button. This step is not necessary if users already have the video files.

There will be a downloaded tab on the left side on the iTube Studio Window's. Users should click on it and the downloaded videos will appear on the right side. The video files can be converted only after importing them on to the list. For doing this, users should go to 'File' and then, to 'Import'. For choosing 'Import' a right click on any of the items is enough. After import, users should click the 'Convert' button by choosing any video and a window for choosing format will appear.

Once users select Audio, the user has to select the option MP3 from the window that pops up, they should hit OK and the application of iSkysoft will complete the job. After this, users can continue saving songs to MP3 from videos.

Alternatively, a few users may wish to opt for youtube to mp3 converter for mac. iSkysoft gives separate instructions for this also. This is for those who have downloaded the videos already to their local hard-drive. This process is easy to use because users have the video converter for Mac with them. For doing this, users have to drag, drop and add the downloaded videos to the iSkysoft Video Converter. By clicking the Format icon, they can choose the output format as "MP3". If the "Convert" button is clicked, conversion to MP3 will begin.

iSkysoft emphatically asserts that both the options will certainly work very well and users can enjoy high quality music with their MP3.

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iSkysoft was started in 2004 and provides many software solutions that include video conversion to MP3. People can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and enjoy high quality music from anywhere