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Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans - New Book Seeks to Tell True Story of Islam and Its People

Believing that his fellow Americans lack a truthful understanding of the religion of Islam, writer Dr. Manzoor Hussain attempts to dispel myths and tell its real story, in his compelling new book.


West Windsor, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Since 9/11, many argue that the United States has developed a state of ‘Islamophobia’. Nobody believes this more than Dr. Manzoor Hussain, a dedicated Muslim American who has set out to change misconceived beliefs for good.

Dr. Hussain is educating his fellow countrymen with his new book, ‘Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans’. The book explains the fundamental beliefs of the religion, its acts of worship and Islam’s relationship with Judaism and Christianity. The structure and premise of the Qur’an is also given food for thought within the book’s twenty nine chapters, along with a wealth of information on the Prophet Muhammad.

“The book does not shy away from tackling thorny subjects such as Jihad and if Islam teaches violence, terrorism and extremism,” says Dr. Hussain.

He continues, “It also dives deep into the ties between Islam itself and the United States of America, as well as the status of women within the religion.”

Official synopsis:

Dr. Manzoor Hussain, an American Muslim, looks over the present landscape of the United States and sees his fellow Americans laboring under many misconceptions about Islam, what he calls the most misunderstood religion in the West. His response is to delineate Islam from its inception through its extraordinarily rich history, making transparent the religion’s most seemingly opaque foundations.

Hussain discusses Islam's wealth of achievements in subjects as far ranging as mathematics, astronomy, law, chemistry, physics, medicine, and philosophy, thereby showing how, at heart, we are all striving always to demonstrate the ways we want and value the same things. Scholarly in its clarity and thoroughness, Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans doesn't shirk from tackling the thorniest issues of the day. Islam was not spread by the sword, Muslims are not anti-West, terrorism is not taught or condoned by Islam, the wave of Islamophobia in America--all these issues receive sober and thoughtful attention.

Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans articulately and convincingly makes the case for Islam, as a religion, a way of life, a family system, a force for social justice, a code of conduct and potentially a healing force in the world.

“This story is very important because the post 9/11 atmosphere of Islamophobia in America has created suspicion and hatred towards all Muslim Americans, and it is created divisions among the people of this country. It is not healthy for our country,” Dr. Hussain adds.

Since its launch, the book has garnered rave reviews.

“I recommend this as a read for any of you curious about Islam and pursuing a comprehensive approach to understanding this faith,” says one reader, reviewing the book for Amazon.com.

Another reader, identifying as ‘Lenore60’, was equally as impressed.

“At a time when there is so much misunderstanding about Islam, this book offers the non-Muslim a concise, reader-friendly explanation of the core principles, practices, beliefs and contributions of Muslims. As a non-Muslim, I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for a deeper understanding of our Muslim neighbours”.

Fellow members of Dr. Hussain’s religion are also praising the contribution he is making towards a more compassionate America. In fact, one reader is urging Dr. Hussain to consider trying to introduce the book into U.S colleges and universities as an educational text.

“I am delighted to be getting such a strong response to my work. It is important that the American public is educated about the peaceful teachings of Islam, so that the atmosphere of Islamophobia can be brought to an end and American Muslims can live in peace and security,” he concludes.

‘Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans’, published by Vantage Press, is available now from Amazon.com.

About Dr. Manzoor Hussain
Dr. Manzoor Hussain received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside and worked first as a Senior Research Scientist in the U.S. chemical industry, and later at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. There, Dr. Hussain was the head of a unit of the agency's laboratories.

His contribution to the work at IAEA, along with others, was recognized in 2005 when IAEA was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. For the last eleven years he has been teaching chemistry at a university and Islamic Studies at an Islamic High School in New Jersey where he now resides with his wife Jana Catherine Hussain. He is also active in interfaith dialogue programs. Islam: An Essential Understanding for Fellow Americans is Dr. Hussain's first book.