IslamVid Announces Islamic Videos from Noted Lecturers

Videos make it easier for practicing Muslims and interested non-Muslims to find solid information relating to the good practice of Islam, reports IslamVid


Bedfordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- The Muslim population is growing around the world, but in many areas, sources of related information are minimal and often biased. This leaves practicing Muslims somewhat on their own, but perhaps even worse, it leaves non-Muslims with a lack of resources for understanding the religion from the perspective of those who actually practice it. To help rectify this, has announced its site with educational islamic videos aimed at both current believers and those who are interested in finding out what the religion's really about.

"Most of our videos are useful for practicing Muslims and those who have already put some time into learning about it," said Nasir of, "however, we think that non-believers will also benefit simply by seeing what various Muslim leaders are saying, because this will dispel many of the myths that have developed about Islam. They also show that Islam faces many of the same problems that Christianity and other religions do, such as the temptation to cherry-pick certain aspects while ignoring others, and that imams are concerned about the spiritual problems that result from such practices."

The site's islamic videos aren't all lectures from imams and other leaders, though there are many that feature islamic lecturers. There is also a section for kids which explains basic Muslim concepts in ways that are easy to grasp and put into practice, and an educational section that warns of common pitfalls and temptations faced by the faithful. These educational videos also offer good tips for avoiding those pitfalls.

One thing non-Muslims may notice is that many of the videos feature someone sitting and talking. This can be surprising for those used to Western media, which often involves some sort of action meant to draw the eye. "Our videos aren't about being flashy, and in fact, most Muslim leaders believe that such bells and whistles would distract viewers from the message and from their focus on Allah," explained Nasir. "Therefore, Islamic videos are sort of sparse compared to secular productions. They're not supposed to be about how fancy the special effect department is or how athletic someone can be. Instead, they present their messages in ways that allow viewers to really remember and think about what was said."

By presenting videos this way, the producers keep everything in accordance with standard Islamic practices and cause the focus to remain where it belongs. That's not to say that the videos are cheaply produced. In fact, the audio and video quality generally indicate the use of good equipment and thoughtful production practices. The site's selection will definitely be welcomed by those who are interested in Islam either as believers or as curious onlookers who want to see what it's really all about.

About is a site with a large selection of Islamic videos aimed at everyone from the general populace to long-time Muslims. Its selection is divided into kids, educational, women's, and general sections to make it easy to find the videos most likely to be helpful.