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iSmart Consumer Solution Offers Free PPI Check Application

This Company Focuses on PPI before Making Compensation Claims


Northampton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2017 -- iSmart Consumer Solution offers a free PPI check on the finances before consumers make claim for compensation. According to the company calculating PPI is essential because it reduces the amount of work the lenders need to do and also speeds up the process of procuring compensation. In most cases, consumers are unaware of PPI on the accounts. This website provides a free check of PPI on funds.

Based on the website, "We submit a PPI request to your lender. The lender has 40 days to send us everything they hold on you, but we say we will contact you around 50 days after sending it because we have to check through the paperwork to see if you have been sold any PPI.

Sometimes, what may appear to be a single loan, which has been topped up, can actually be a series of different loans with different account numbers. Some may have PPI, others may not. Once we have found that you have had PPI; we will contact you to let you know.

Once the company calculates the PPI through the free check, consumers are contacted through emails or phone calls. In case the PPI is mis-sold iSmart consumer solution takes the claim if required by the consumers.

A close aid of the company asserts, "If you feel that the PPI was mis-sold and you decide to ask iSmart to take on the claim, we will complete an in depth questionnaire with you over the phone (or send out a blank questionnaire by post) and send you out the paperwork to sign. You will be entering an agreement with iSmart (view agreement – full terms and conditions). If you wish to accept our offer of our services, please return the signed paperwork and we will start your claim using the details you have provided."

iSmart Consumer Solution offers various methods to check PPI on credit cards or loans. Mis-sold PPI can be calculated easily through this website. The company also offers to take up the claim if it is requested by the consumer. In other cases, the consumer can end the process, if there is no mis-sold PPI.

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iSmart Consumer Solution allows free PPI check on credit cards or loans. The company also takes up the claims on mis-sold PPI.

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