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This Company Focuses on Reclaiming Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance


Northampton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2017 -- With the launch of iSmart Consumer Solutions, PPI claims can be made easily and successfully. Consumers can now obtain compensation if the Payment Protection Insurance or PPI has been mis-sold. This website also offers the option to check PPI for free. It is important to calculate PPI before making claims. If the PPI has been mis-sold, consumers can make complaints to the provider directly.

In some cases, consumers are unaware of the PPI on credit cards or loans. iSmart helps to calculate claims if there are any, through simple techniques. To quote from the website, "Here at iSmart we can help you claim back you're mis-sold PPI, if you are still a little unsure as to whether to claim or not then just get in contact with one of our team now to discuss your situation and the options available to you. We make sure that you have infact had PPI before we start any claim against your finance provider, which is part of a free check that we offer. After we have found out if you have any PPI or not, you are free to choose whether or not to continue with a claim if you feel you were mis-sold, or to make a claim yourself without the help of iSmart. You will not be charged for our free check."

PPI is mis-sold to consumers if it is not suited to specific or individual requirements. In such circumstances, PPI can be reclaimed with the assistance of iSmart Consumer Solutions. PPI is mis sold if insurance is added to the finance or loan even when it is not required by the consumer. Illness, unemployment or any other medical condition can also be applicable to reclaim PPI from the provider.

A close correspondent of the company states, "The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) estimates that millions of people have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. They were sold insurance that didn't suit their needs, and information provided to them was either incorrect or missing at the point of sale. This means that millions of people are able to reclaim PPI that was mis-sold to them."

iSmart offers assistance to reclaim the mis-sold PPI if it is required by the consumers. However, the company offers free assistance to calculate if there is any mis-sold PPI on loans or credit cards. Consumers can choose to avail the services of iSmart to reclaim the PPI or make the claim individually.

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It was launched in the year 2007 and it helps consumers reclaim compensation on mis-sold PPI.

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