iSpirita Offers Online Chat Facility for All Users of Scotland's Biggest Psychic Consultancy

iSpirita offers readings from gifted psychics, mediums and tarot readers over the phone, and has now added an online chat facility to make their services more accessible than ever.


Hamilton, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Psychic readings have been common since the dawn of human civilisation. From the volva of the Viking age to the Romani seers to the modern psychic, those who can commune with the intangible have always been a part of our existence, and many people wish to seek their advice. iSpirita is Scotland’s biggest psychic consultancy and has assembled a crack team of adepts to address the concerns of their clients, and have now begun to offer psychic readings via online chat to make their services more readily available than ever.

The company is already well respected for having made several innovations in the way they do business to match with the client lifestyle of the new millennium. Already offering readings via email, and phone, the company have also introduced SMS readings, readings via photo upload and now the new chat readings.

The chat box is available from their website and will connect to one of the online psychics of the user’s choice, which can be scanned through on the website, including a biography, photo and details of their methods and practices. The online chat will then commence where users can ask key questions and engage in discussion to discover new truths.

A spokesperson for iSpirita explained, “The range of services we offer is designed to match this ancient spiritual art with the needs of the twenty first century- psychics have long since moved on from the stereotyped crystal ball in a circus tent, and we at iSpirita have worked hard to legitimize our services by offering only the best readings from the most adept psychics. We want to make sure that we maximise the number of ways that individuals can ask us for help, so they needn’t feel scared or reluctant in doing so.”

About iSpirita
iSpirita is a new spiritualist and psychic website recently launched in November by medium Geraldine Russell. The website was launched with the aim of providing high-quality psychic readings to people on all matters in their life, past, present and future. Scotland’s biggest web based psychic telephone consultancy. Gifted psychics, mediums and tarot readers are available to take calls throughout the day and evening. For more information, please visit: