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ISSC Adds the OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Testing System to Its Line of Safety Products


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Industrial Safety Supply Corp. (ISSC) has added the OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Testing System from Occupational Health Dynamics to its broad line of respiratory protection and safety products. The Quantifit System is quickly becoming the gold standard in respirator fit testing making the process easier and less time consuming. And, the unit is proven to be substantially more accurate and effective than other systems like the PortaCount by TSI.

The OHD Quantifit offers an impressive array of advantages that can dramatically improve a respirator program. It’s based on the Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) approach to fit testing, accepted by OSHA and proven as the fastest, most accurate, and health protective system available for respiratory protection. It takes the unit just ten seconds of testing to show whether the respirator user has a basic fit. And the CNP Redon protocol takes as little as two to three minutes versus eight to 15 minutes with the PortaCount’s aerosol system.

The Quantifit offers unrivaled accuracy over the PortaCount. In studies, the Quantifit measured 97.9% of known calibrated leak with a coefficient of variation of 4.3 percent, whereas the PortaCount showed 37percent of known calibrated leak with a coefficient of variation of 44.7 percent. “If other quantitative fit test instruments measured accuracies of less than 40%, why put your employees at risk?” said a representative of ISSC, provider of industrial safety supplies, in comparing the two.

There are several other factors that set the Quantifit Respirator Fit Testing System apart. It has no internal optics that can become dirty or contaminated. OHD’s flexible data management software allows for comprehensive records creation including a unique fit test card. The Quantifit is the only system that can be calibrated back to a National Institute of Standards and Technology primary standard. The unit does a direct measurement of leak offering the advantage of speed and accuracy. With the Quantifit, users can set various challenge pressures to simulate actual work conditions. And, the unit is virtually maintenance free.

“Plain and simple, the Quantifit is in fact the best instrument to use when performing a quantitative respirator fit test,” concluded the ISSC spokesperson.

ISSC also carries a full line of OHD accessories to enable customers to get the most out of the Quantifit.

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